Court Reporters Are in Demand. How to Become a Court Reporter?

If a legal career entices you, but spending years in law school seems like a long road, there are other options to explore. You can become a court reporter, an ideal choice if you want to be a part of the action. The role is exciting as you get to work closely with lawyers and swear in witnesses. It also includes maintaining records of everything that happens in the court. You earn a good salary and get an opportunity to travel. These skilled professionals are in demand, so you will never need to stress about job security. What more could you ask for? If you are all set to embrace this career, here are the steps to follow. Hone Your Skills Even before you start with your education, you need to hone the skills needed for the job. A successful court reporter must possess attributes such as good communication skills, a strong presence of mind, and attention to detail. Further, you will need to ramp up your spelling, vocabulary, and punctuation. Timeliness, dependability, and patience set you apart. Some of these skills are inborn, and you will have to work to develop others. Doing your bit to nurture these skills … Continue reading Court Reporters Are in Demand. How to Become a Court Reporter?