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10 Excel Templates to Help You Manage Your Budget

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If you need help adhering to your budget each month, an Excel monthly budget template can be your most helpful ally. Regardless if you’re tracking monthly expenses or creating monthly budget projections for your business, you’d be delighted to know there’s no shortage of budget-related Excel templates you can use.

Below are 10 of the most helpful Excel templates you can use to make monthly personal and business budgeting easy and straightforward:

1. Family Budget Planner

If you are like most people, it is likely that you find planning the family budget a challenging task regardless of the number of times you’ve done it in the past. With so many things to take into consideration (i.e., groceries, car payments, mortgage payments, etc.), it’s easy to get confused and lose track.

A family budget planner is a simple tool you can use to track your monthly, quarterly, and yearly budget. It has three main parts, namely, income, monthly spending, and savings goal. The family budget planner can also help you create sound financial decisions and focus on saving for the future.

2. Personal Monthly Budget Worksheet

If you need help managing your personal monthly budget, Excel’s personal monthly budget worksheet can come in handy. This excellent worksheet allows you to compare your budget against what you are spending. It also comes with a discretionary spending field so you can easily keep track of your expenses.

3. Savings Goal Tracker

Countless things can hinder you from your goal of saving money. It can be that handbag you’ve been eyeing or the release of a new mobile phone. Everywhere you look, it’s easy to find something you can spend your money on.

Fortunately, with the savings goal tracker, you can quickly (and effectively!) fight off these temptations. Charting your savings and watching it grow before your eyes are often enough motivation to help you achieve the savings milestones you would like to achieve.

4. Business Expense Report

Is filing a business travel expense report a routine part of your month? Then you’ll find this tool extremely handy! When you use the business expense report worksheet, you are sparing yourself from all the hassles and stress involved in tracking spending during business trips. This fantastic tool can also help you create a detailed accounting of all your travel expenditures.

5. Personal Money Tracker

Tired of figuring out where your money went? The personal money tracker is exactly what you need! This application comes with a clean and organized design, tracking your spending while on the go has never been easier.

6. Balance Sheet

A balance sheet is a fundamental part of your budgetary process as it keeps everything organized. Using a balance sheet is ideal if you want to itemize assets and liabilities, determine depreciation schedules, or analyze values.

7. Project Budget Template

If you want to make the tedious task of budgeting for a project convenient and fast, a project budget template is exactly what you need. The template allows you to easily track different aspects of your project (i.e., workforce, material, phase of operation, etc.) to monitor expenses and progress with the utmost ease.

8. Simple Invoice

If you are running and managing a small business, this is one template you should never be without. With the simple invoice, you can easily calculate totals and subtotals. If you want to make things look professional and legit, you can modify the template and place your business logo and business information!

9. Cash Flow Projection Template

Regardless of the size of your business, managing cash flow is crucial. A cash flow projection template gives you the freedom to track cash flow so you can accurately gauge if your spending is in line with your current revenue. The cash flow projection template can also help you assess if you’ve met your obligations for a specific period.

10. Travel Budget Worksheet

If traveling is a massive part of your life, then you know how essential it is to set a budget before going on a trip. The travel budget worksheet is straightforward to use. The template subtracts the expenses you’ve projected from the total budget you’ve set, so you will have a clear idea of how much you have left to work with.


Regardless if it’s for business, travel, or personal use, there are free worksheets available online you tap into. However, many prefer to use Excel as it’s a breeze to set up and easy to use.

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