Understanding Paying Taxes for Small Businesses
Paying your personal taxes is one battle; paying tax on your business is a whole other challenge. Knowing if you
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Using an Accountant vs Doing Your Taxes Yourself
If you are an employee, it’s highly likely that your employer deals with your taxes on your behalf, deducting a
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5 Steps to Creating a Realistic Budget
When creating a budget, so many people will end up with a final product that, despite their good intentions, fails
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How Using Online Budgeting Software Can Benefit Your Small Business
Over 60% of the small businesses in the United States failed to develop a budget last year. Without a budget, you
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Thinking of Filing for Bankruptcy Due to COVID-19? Here’s What to Consider
The months spent in lockdown earlier this year changed the landscape for businesses. Many struggled to keep afloat with no
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Cut the Cost of Office Space
The cost of office space is often the biggest expenditure for businesses. Whether you’re managing a small firm or a
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Managing Your Financial Health When Starting a Business
When starting a business, the prospect of generating large sums of money is one of the main driving forces. Before
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Is Your Business Like a Rusty Bucket?
A rusty bucket leaks water. Is your business is leaking money? And like a rusty bucket, is it leaking in
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10 Excel Templates to Help You Manage Your Budget
If you need help adhering to your budget each month, an Excel monthly budget template can be your most helpful
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When Is the Right Time to Hire an Accountant for Your Business?
Have you been considering hiring an account for your business? You might be wondering if now is the right time,
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