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Thank you for your consideration of submitting content to wecanmag.com, as well as the Women Entrepreneurs Can weekly newsletter and monthly digital magazine (referenced collectively as Women Entrepreneurs Can from here on out). We can’t tell you how much we appreciate both your time AND your expertise.

What we’re looking for is pretty cut-and-dry: we’re looking for passionate women who want to help other women succeed as they launch their new business and navigate the obstacles of the business world. And the best part is that you don’t need to be a world-renowned speaker, author, business owner, or consultant. In fact, some of the best content we’ve ever read has been from non-mainstream movers and shakers who fly under the radar, quietly doing their part to help make the startup space a better place. Does this sound like you?

If so, please ask yourself these 2 questions:

“Do I know what Women Entrepreneurs Can is all about and the types of articles within it? And will my piece build on that?”

If your answers to those questions are a resounding yes, then we encourage you to keep reading for our submission guidelines, terms, and conditions.

How to Reach Our Audience

While we certainly don’t want to put too many restrictions on you, there are a few basic submission guidelines we’ll need you to follow:

  • Rights:  your idea must be completely original and copyright free.
  • Length:  we’re looking for content that’s 500 to 2,000 words in length. If you’re submitting audio or a podcast, we will need your audio supplied as an mp3 file. If you’re submitting a video, please supply it as an mp4 file.
  • Photos:  any photographs supplied to further enhance your article article must be supplied as jpeg’s and be of high enough resolution for a digital magazine; preferably 150dpi at 100%. The photographs must meet the below terms and conditions (royalty free or originals).
  • Style:  conversational, first-person language is preferred. Speak as though you’re talking to a friend.
  • Practical:  all submissions must include practical, how-to/action steps readers can use immediately.
  • Educational:  please focus on providing valuable content to our readers. Your work should not sell (subtlety or overtly) any products or services. Do not submit ideas if you are simply seeking a byline, credit, or link. NO links to unrelated sites or affiliate links.
  • Byline:  it’s recommended that you include a byline/credit at the bottom of your submission. It should be less than 50 words in length. At your option, include your name, email, telephone, website, Twitter account, Facebook link, and LinkedIn profile link.
  • Bio Picture (Optional):  feel free to include a professional-looking photograph of yourself so that our readers can get to know you a little better. Photo should be 72 dpi in JPG/JPEG or PNG format.
  • Assignment:  by submitting your work, you hereby assign any and all rights, title and interest, including and not limited to, copyrights, trade secrets, and proprietary rights to the submitted work. We reserve the right to edit and change any part of your work.

How To Target Your Content

While we do cover a lot of ground at Women Entrepreneurs Can, our main focuses are on the topics outlined below…

How To Stay In Compliance

(aka: the terms and conditions, which we are required to tell you about)

For any contribution to Women Entrepreneurs Can (including, but not limited to, any text, photographs, graphics, video or audio), you agree, by submitting your contribution, to grant Women Entrepreneurs Can:

  1. Perpetual, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, modify (if needed), adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, play, sublicense and exercise all copyright and publicity rights with respect to your contribution worldwide.
  2. Ability to incorporate your contribution in other works in any media now known or later developed for the full term of any rights that may exist in your contribution.

In addition, you agree to waive any and all moral rights that exist in your contribution for the purposes of its submission to and publication with Women Entrepreneurs Can and the purposes specified above.

By submitting your contribution to Women Entrepreneurs Can, you attest to the fact that your contribution:

  1. Is your own original work and that you have the right to make it available for distribution.
  2. Does not violate, plagiarize, or infringe on the rights of third parties including copyright, trademark, trade secret, privacy, personal, publicity, or proprietary rights.
  3. Does not infringe any law, nor is defamatory.
  4. Is not used for commercial purposes or self-promotion.

Breach of Warranties

If you do not adhere to the warranties listed here, please note that Women Entrepreneurs Can may seek indemnification from you for recovery of all legal fees (including our own and those of any third party), damages and other expenses that may be incurred by Women Entrepreneurs Can as a result of your breach of any of the above warranties.

  1. Women Entrepreneurs Can reserves the right to modify any article or part of an article according to editorial needs and without notification or permission from the author.
  2. Women Entrepreneurs Can reserves the right to change its editorial guidelines and these terms and conditions at any time and at its sole discretion.

How To Contact Us

Have additional questions or concerns? Want to run an idea past us before you start writing? If so, please reach out to tabitha@wecanmag.com

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