How to Manage Your Money Better in a Business
There’s always room for improvement, and that certainly is relevant to any business when managing their money. Making a profit
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What Should Be Your Biggest Investment?
In business, you know that you’re always going to need to invest in the right things. Because if you want
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6 Questions to Ask Before You Hire an Accountant
Running an SMB or a startup has its fair share of challenges. While you might be able to deal with
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What You Need to Know about EINs
Whether you are applying for the first time or because you are changing your company entity, obtaining an EIN is
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6 Toxic Invoicing Mistakes Your Startup Needs to Avoid (and Their Solutions!)
There’s no getting around it: administrative tasks are a chore. Invoicing is no exception. But like all chores, it has
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How to Understand Your Balance Sheet & Income Statement without Studying Accounting for 4 Years
Understanding financial statements can be difficult for new startups because it doesn’t hold that exciting flair like innovation, design, customer
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3 Super-Simple, Key Numbers You Must Know to Build an Amazingly, Scalable Business
Numbers, numbers, numbers. They can smoother and paralyze you, even make your head hurt! We all know that business comes
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Accounting Software Tips for First-Time Small Business Buyers
What are the benefits of cloud-based accounting software vs. on-premise? Well, with cloud-based accounting, you don’t have to be in
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4 Important Blogs Small Business Owners Should Follow in 2017
The Small Business Administration (SBA) blog has great, timely content aimed at its target market and hits the bulls-eye every time. The
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Why Startups Should Use an Accountant
By Bert Seither, Vice President at 1-800Accountant If you’re planning to take the dive into launching a new startup business, one
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