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3 Online Careers That Are More Relevant Now

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The advent of the world wide web opened up usage of the internet to everybody and many industries spawned as a result; chat rooms, social media, and online gaming to name a few. Subsequently however, the web nearly died following the โ€œdotcom bubbleโ€ burst and many people who relied on the internet as a means of income suffered job losses and financial ruin.

However, the web as a whole recovered and the use of the internet both commercially and recreationally is at the highest that it has ever been. The applications of the web are almost limitless and with intuitive platforms ranging from sales, services, and marketing mean that the once-burgeoning industry is now a genuine and respected means of income and employment.

There are millions of people using the internet as their income source through various means but some of the most relevant include:

  • Web Design
  • Paid Blogging
  • Virtual Teaching

Web design is still a vital and core component of the web while paid blogging provides writers of all levels with job opportunities and virtual teaching has become prolific following the worldwide pandemic.

Web Design

With sites such as WordPress, Wix, and GoDaddy it is very easy for anyone to develop a website, and as good as these sites are they can be limited to a userโ€™s own skills and experience concerning web development. Therefore, even an amateur with an excellent understanding of these CMS platforms will never compare to a talented team or even an individual experienced in proper web design.

Designing a website is part of a typical web design service, but their expertise covers a wide range of subjects related to the world wide web and the internet. These valuable companies are often extremely aware of the web, art, and corporate trends alike and as such offer such things as logo development, branding, professional SEO, site maintenance, and multimedia development including digital imagery and video content.

Paid Blogging

Love them or loathe them, blogs are still very alive and well in 2021 with over 600 million active blogs and counting. But most people arenโ€™t aware that many bloggers actually employ the services of freelance bloggers to generate content for their site in order to fill it out and make it more relevant with the goal of establishing better authority for better SERP results.

Other blog content can be written by individuals employed by SEO companies who provide them with content so that they can develop, via brief, articles relevant to a particular blog or company with the intent of building โ€œlink juiceโ€ by incorporating specific links on behalf of a paying client. Paid blogging can pay well and a talented writer can make in excess of $200 per day.

Virtual Teaching

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world in ways that were never thought possible and the importance of the internet as a vital communication tool and managed platform with various uses. Video conferencing for example, while nothing new, has been used prolifically over the past year or so while people sought a better communication platform over a standard phone call due to being in isolation for long periods of time.

But one of the worst effects of the pandemic was the closure of schools which meant that many students in schools, colleges, and universities were left without education for a long time. Virtual teaching was put forward as a temporary measure and although it has some success, it wasnโ€™t a viable, long-term solution since many of the poorest students had no internet access. However, the ease of use and how well online training could be has led to an almost new industry in which people are now taking to creating virtual classrooms and going it alone as private tutors.

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