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3 Ways to Improve Your Website Rankings

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In January 2021, all Google sites ranked number one with 269 million visitors (mobile and desktop connections). Are you one of those who have wondered how websites are ranked? Each time you use a search engine, you may have realized that certain factors account for why some websites feature more than others. One reason for this is the adequate usage of keywords to make that significant difference. Several factors are involved in making a website noticeable on search engines, including the ones below.

1. The Website’s Content

The content on your website is a significant factor that boosts site rankings. Every day, search engine companies develop new technologies to appreciate the efforts in creating quality content. Therefore, the higher the content quality, the more the chances of it being noticed. When your website scores high rankings, it is a mark of approval of it being appropriate for keyword searches.

Besides the actual content, other vital elements must complement the website. These include headers, page titles, formatted texts, and URLs. Most importantly, the links contained on your website contribute to the high rankings that a good website would usually score. Regarding the latter, it helps to be mindful of your on-page and offpage SEO activities.

Off-page SEO strengthens your domain’s authority and is only possible through content creation. Moreover, the more backlinks you earn from other websites, the higher your rankings go.

2. Website Architecture

This generally refers to the physical structure or layout of your website. How easy can visitors navigate through your site? Is the content easy on the eyes and convenient to read? These are questions you need to ask yourself if you plan on improving your scores on search engines. In more technical terms, a website architecture must have codes that are properly formed for SEOs. If this isn’t done appropriately, you risk major search engines overlooking excellent content you may have on your site.

To get this right, ask your web developer to remove all irrelevant content management systems that you’re not currently using. As a tip, you’ll benefit more by using newer encrypting systems that employ URL technologies. The latest rewriting technologies make it easy for search engines to read content on your site.

Moreover, because major search engines are constantly developed to suit the times, you’ll find it useful to be dynamic as well. The more this happens, the higher rankings you earn for your website as it becomes more visible.

3. Limit the Use of Duplicated Content

Believe it or not, search engines are built to look out for new and original content. Therefore, should you duplicate website content on your pages, a major search engine such as Google will regard it as irrelevant. Perhaps, you have no idea that some content has been duplicated on your website. This is how to find out.

First of all, does your site have several versions of a particular page within the same domain? Secondly, do you have content that has the exact copy as an entirely different website? These are the two main reasons why your rankings may have plummeted. To resolve this, be sure to limit or eliminate duplicate content.

Doing some more research online will provide you additional details on what you can do to improve your website rankings. When you get the hang of it, you’ll realize that making your site rank among the best requires technical skill and creativity.

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