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4 Tips For Making Your Business More Environmentally Friendly

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As of today, we, as a collective society, are more than aware of the damage that can be done to the planet and the surrounding atmosphere. Many still look at the data and believe a false narrative has been created by high-ranking officials, but most of us agree that we’ve done a lot more bad than good to our planet in recent times. As the title says, we only have one planet that we can live on, so it’s up to us to show some initiative and be a little more responsible for our actions.

For a lot of businesses in this world, the main goal is to generate as much money as possible – regardless of how it affects everything outside it. The competitive spirit and the will to be successful more than outweighs anything else. While that attitude is to be commended somewhat, we’re now at the stage where we need to show some environmental responsibility.

This line of thinking is being promoted more and more, thankfully. For those that aren’t quite convinced it’s a good move then how about this: if not for the earth and everyone on it, do it for yourself and your business – there are many benefits, including an increased chance of longevity.

Here are 4 ways you can be much greener and, thus, much happier overall…

1. Look At Your Supply Chain

Through the entire system of a product’s cycle, there are many different aspects. A way in which you can become greener overall is by analysing whether any of the stages do damage to nature. How does the manufacturing pan out? What goes into it, and how is everything fabricated? Is there anything you can do to limit to stop the damage from here on in?

2. Consider Transportation

In terms of any employees that you have, do they cause any problems themselves as they make their way to and from work every single day? If they’re driving unnecessarily, then perhaps you can sort out some kind of car-sharing system – there’s no need for two on the road when one will do. Perhaps if a few a walk or cycle to work, then that’s the right call, too.

What about if you have employees or clients that need to travel long distances? Well, perhaps you could introduce conference calls more often instead of frequently flying people to the other side of the planet.

3. Stop – Or At Least Limit – Contamination

If you’re in the restaurant business or have an auto repair shop, for example, you’ll have a lot of oily materials around that need to be disposed of correctly. In order to stop piling that stuff into the system and potentially causing more problems, then perhaps you could install things like Above, Below and Flush-with grade oil water separators or something similar that will lower the number of untoward substances?

4. Inspire Change Around The Office

We talked about how employees can get to and from the office, but what about their conduct during working hours? Well, you could introduce recycling programs and make sure they stick to them. Eliminating single-use plastics would also help out a lot. You could even introduce going completely paperless, so that paper isn’t unnecessarily wasted.

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