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4 Ways to Ensure You Hire The Best Talent

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If you want to find the top talent, finding the right people to bring into your business can be frustrating and the recruitment process can be long and expensive. So how can you ensure that youโ€™re attracting the right people?

Create A Thorough Job Description

Creating an honest and in-depth job description is vital to attracting the right people for the job. Donโ€™t be put off by recruitment sites telling you to limit the length of your job description, applicants are willing to read a little further if it means applying for a job that fits rather than a job that might fit. Be sure to include a clear list of your must haves and preferable skills as well as a rounded description of the role and the responsibilities it includes. Do not be shy to list both the positives and negatives of the role, full transparency is key to avoiding someone coming on board and then leaving when they realise the role is more than they had thought it would be. Finally, if you require the individual to have proficiency with any particular software then include this too to avoid disappointment at the interview stage or a lengthy amount of training post hire.

Perform A Proper Background Check

Depending on the role you are hiring for you may require a background check. It may be beneficial to do one anyway, this doesnโ€™t mean that you are looking for discrepancies in the person’s CV but simply protects you from a number of potential risks and will help you to ensure that you are maintaining a safe and secure workplace. Itโ€™s now very easy to conduct a background check online, click here to learn more.

Donโ€™t Exclude People Based On Experience

The days of hiring based on experience alone are numbered. If you require a candidate to have a set number of years experience and disregard anyone who does not meet that then you may be sending a rejection letter to someone who would have been a perfect fit for the job. Although experience is valuable it isnโ€™t always the most important factor and someone with the right attitude and a fresh way of thinking could be more integral than someone who has done things the same way for many years.

Interview Thoroughly

The interview stage of the recruitment process can tell you a lot about a person and someone who looked excellent on paper may not turn out to be the best choice when you see how they interact with you or your team. Hold phone interviews to cover basic screening questions but also be sure to meet face to face and consider including work peers in the process to gauge their opinions. It can also be helpful to set the candidate a specific task or challenge relating to the job they would be doing such as creating a project plan or giving a sales pitch, this will let you see their work first hand.

Although the recruitment process can be challenging by paying attention to these four steps you set yourself up with the best chance for hiring the best talent.

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