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4 Ways Personal Loans Can Help You Start a Business

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Are you ready to start a business? Women are dominating in industries from the health sector to the world of web design. If you want to get in on the action, one of your first considerations should be where you’re getting the money for your new business. While there are plenty of different financial options, personal loans can be a quick way to get started that gives you speedy accessibility and flexibility with your funds. Here are four ways personal loans can help you start a business.

Take Advantage of Personal Financial History

Securing funding for your small business is critical but can also be challenging. If you want funding before starting a business, obtaining business loans can be difficult since the business doesn’t have any financial history. Business loan lenders typically have a minimum of one year in business and annual revenue requirements, so you may not be eligible. However, personal loans are based on you and your financial history, not your business. Take advantage of your financial history to get a personal loan.

Not all personal loans can be used for businesses, so make sure you’re cleared to use your personal loan funds to start a business before getting the loan. Once you know the loan is right for you, depending on your credit score, you may be able to secure a much better interest rate based on your personal financial history rather than speculating about your future business. And if your credit score isn’t as high as you’d like, don’t worry — some personal loans use other factors, meaning you can still be eligible for the money you need.


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Get More Money All At Once

With personal loans, you can get your loan amount all at once, in contrast to business financing alternatives. Many options, such as these personal loans, offer a same-day decision and a rapid payout, often that same business day. Business loans and other forms of financing your business usually have a much longer timetable before potential borrowers get a decision and receive their money. Some of them have pay-out schedules where you only receive a portion of the money you borrowed every so often. Personal loans let you get the full loan amount fast.


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Use the Funds on Your Schedule

A huge advantage of personal loans is that you can use the funds on your schedule. As you start a business, you have certain expectations, but things can change quickly, and personal loans give you time and usage flexibility so you can put the money where it helps your business the most. Strengthening your business financially includes regular “health checkups” and check-ins to evaluate your schedule and strategy for spending and making money in your business. You may want to use a meeting planner to help develop your business schedule.

Personal loans don’t just give time flexibility, but usage flexibility — once you get the money, you can use it almost however you want. It does depend on the specific restrictions of the loan, but many personal loan options leave fund usage fairly wide open for your convenience. That means as your business grows, you may be able to apply the funds from your personal loan wherever you need them.

For instance, once more people are involved with your business, you may want to unify your communications with your employees and clients through a business phone system. That might not be an anticipated business expense right at the beginning, but with the flexibility of a personal loan, you can apply the funds on your schedule where they best fit your growing needs.

Have Time to Pay It Back

Finding financial stability when trying to grow a business can be tricky, so it’s important to know what’s available for your business. Sometimes, the most important resource you have is time. Personal loans often offer a range of options that give you enough time to pay back the loan.

By taking advantage of your personal financial history, getting more money all at once, using the funds on your schedule, and having time to pay it back, personal loans can help you start your business and be an entrepreneur, startup founder, or small business owner with us!

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