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The 5 Key Departments That’ll Make Your Business Functional

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When you are opening or running your own business, you want to have all of the right people in place to ensure that your business manages without a hitch. You want things running as smoothly as possible and for that, you need a range of departments that make your business functional.

As an entrepreneur, you’re good at what you do, but you aren’t going to be great at everything. That’s okay! You can bring in the experts to work as part of your business and ensure that you are running a company that has every cog working in harmony together. You won’t need every single department that could help your business as part of it – some services, such as reprographics – can easily be outsourced to the right companies. This saves you money in the long term while still getting what your business needs.

So, which departments does your business need for success?

Human Resources

You need to hire people into your business, and part of that will come with help of the human resources department. You want to make sure that you have experts in your business to oversee the interview process, write up the contracts and ensure that existing employees are well-supported. They can also organize any training required in the business, keeping your employees happy and developing!


Human resources may be the department that helps your employees on an emotionally supportive level, but the finance department keeps the business ticking forward. Invoices and bills are paid, employees are paid, and everyone knows where to go when they have financial queries.


We mentioned reprographics earlier, but your marketing department is going to have a lot on their plate. They’re going to play a huge role in ensuring that your business is advertised and marketed well, and they’ll be the ones who take care of your social media marketing, your research and any issues that come up with your brand. They are responsible for serving as your PR liaison, for content creation and for producing the right internal marketing materials, too.


If your business is creating products to be sold, or printing items to be sold on as merchandise, you need a good production department to run all of this. They ensure the right quality of the end product, the right materials used and that the quality of the products is well managed.

Information Technology

We live in a digital world and no business is complete without the right IT department for business technology. You need to have a good balance of software and hardware monitoring as well as IT security and business technology management. They’ll manage your information and data, keeping it safe the whole time. They’ll protect your business from viruses and hackers, and they’ll be able to manage any threats that come your way, too. Along with building your website and maintaining it, your IT department will be an important part of the business.

These departments are not exhaustive, but they are the key business puzzle pieces that keep you functional.

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