5 Questions to Ask Your Dermatologist Before Going for New Skincare Products

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Are you thinking of asking specific questions to your dermatologist for your skincare products? If yes, then you need to be sure and clear about your questions in your mind. You cannot expect your dermatologist to read your mind and solve your problem according to your needs.

You may or may not use dermatologic skin care products but ensure that you must have all the required information about it from your dermatologist whenever you use any skincare products. It will help you understand the degree and amount of skin treatment a specific skincare product can fulfill your requirements.

Essential Questions To Ask Your Dermatologist About Your Skin Care Products 

You need to ask your dermatologist several crucial questions about the skincare products you want to use for your skincare treatment. Let’s identify some of the essential questions that you need to know in this case.

1. What Skincare Products You Must Use In Your Daily Routine? 

Your process of using skincare products may vary depending on when you use them. For example, you can use the gentle wash of antioxidant serum, sunscreen, and moisturizer as per your skin’s morning and evening needs.

You can use the serum in the daytime as it will help you defend and repair the skin and reduce the scope of the DNA damage of your skin in the daytime. On the other hand, moisturizers along with retinol or the retinoid can help you cleanse your skin at night time.

Taking supplements, like those offered by Beverly Hills MD, is also of utmost importance, since it helps repair your skin from the inside. Their Dermal Repair Complex ingredients include all natural ingredients like collagen and biotin, as well as Vitamin’s A and B.

2. How Often You Must Exfoliate?   

You can exfoliate your dead skin cells from your face one to two times per week with the help of a glycolic acid-soaked pad. It can make your skin glow and will remove the dead cells of your skin from your skin.

You can also seek advice from your expert Dermatologist about the perfect time for skin treatment in this case. You can also seek some daily skincare tips from your dermatologist to get the ideal solution for your problems.

3. Do You Need Different Products For Morning & Evening? 

Yes, you can use the morning and the evening products according to your requirements. You may use the cleanser and the moisturizer at nighttime, and at the daytime, you can use sunscreen. These are some of the essential facts you can ask your dermatologist regarding your skincare treatment.

The facemask comprises probiotics and can help you to keep your skin brightened while you sleep. You can use sunscreen to keep your skin adequately toned and can protect you from the UV rays of the sun.

4. Can Diet Affect Acne? 

Certain food items with a high glycemic index and high sugar can affect your health habits and your skin tone to a great extent. Refined sugar can increase the growth of hormone levels in your body. You need to be cautious about these facts while you are using acne in your diet.

You can ask your dermatologist all these facts while getting the complete information about your skincare products in the correct order. You must not make the wrong food habits that can affect your health habits to a great extent.

5. Which Areas Of Your Body Must You Pay More Attention?   

Most of the world’s expert dermatologists believe that you must take care of those body parts of your skin exposed to sunlight and other dust elements, and foreign particles. Some of those prominent body parts are hands, neck, chest, and face, where the signs of aging can be visible to others. For your complete peace of mind, you should preventively learn how to fight the signs of skin aging.

You need to make sure that you have taken proper care of your skin when you need it the most; without any delay, it can help you to keep your skin in the appropriate condition for a longer duration.


Hence, these are some of the crucial questions that you need to ask your dermatologist whenever you are trying to use any skincare products on your body. The main reason is that without knowing the process of using it can prove harmful to your skin and cause skin damage.

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