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5 Simple Tactics of Making Your Employees Feel Valued

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Your business success entirely depends on your employees. As such, you must go out of your way to develop a positive and healthy working relationship with them. Despite being their boss, your staff needs to know and feel that they can count on you anytime.

Such trust, together with the feelings of appreciation, will have your employees sticking with you through thick and thin and working hard in their assigned tasks, thus increasing the business productivity. One thing you should, however, know is that pleasing your workers does not just happen.

It takes hardwork and sacrifice. You may be a great leader with a perfect vision for the company but lack the needed skills to make your juniors feel valued. Lack of such qualities will have your business collapsing within no time. Below is a discussion of some tactics that, if well implemented, can leave your staff feeling loved and loyal to you.

Be Professional

As a leader, you have a say in the business’s critical decisions, such as deciding who deserves a promotion, demotion, or even laying off. Be fair and professional when making such important decisions. Let endorsement in the organization be well deserved and not out of favoritism.

Fairness and giving credit where it’s due will help your juniors feel appreciated and work hard to attain the top positions. Moreover, have proper channels of communication and a structured way of running things.

Your workers need to know whom to report to in case of a problem and how to do it. Providing a comfortable working atmosphere is a perfect way to value and appreciate your juniors.

Pay Them Reasonable Salaries

It would be unfair to have an employee sweat the entire month, making a profit for the business only for you to pay them peanuts. How much you pay your workers should depend on the nature of the job, their education level, and the current market pay rates.

Equally important, make sure to pay the wages at the stated time, and should any delay occur, communicate with your juniors professionally and fix it as soon as you can. Moreover, be open to discussion and negotiation as some workers may feel unsatisfied with what you are offering.

During such negotiation meetings, try to meet your workers halfway or set a specific period to have the salaries reviewed. For instance, you can decide to check your employees’ wages after every three or five years. Well compensated employees will always work hard and remain loyal to the organization.

Provide Ample Working Space


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Your working space needs to be heavenly, safe, and comfortable to work from to attain maximum productivity in business. As a leader, you should ensure that the office is well equipped with basic amenities such as water and toiletries.

The office should also be well lit and have good ventilation. The place also needs to be free from dirt, molds, flies, ticks, and any other element that may interfere with the staff’s working ability. Moreover, the office needs to be adequately insulated to keep it warm and free from outside disturbances. One way to do this is to install spray foam in the office. You can contact your nearest spray foam company to do the installation for you. The process is affordable and takes minimal time.

Also, make sure the office can handle emergencies, such as having an emergency exit door and a first aid kit. The furniture needs to be modern, in good shape and enough for the workers. Avoid sharing as it brings unnecessary quarrels and delays in the workplace. Always take it upon yourself to have the staff trained on operating work equipment that they are not familiar with. This will help save time and increase productivity.

Involve Them in Critical Decision Making

Asking for your employee’s input while making important business decisions is an excellent way to show your appreciation and belief in their ability. Take note that your staff have a wealth of knowledge and help solve most of the issues lagging in business. Therefore never be afraid to ask for their opinion as it may save you in the long run.

Additionally, resist making decisions that affect them directly in their absentia. Such action shows a lack of trust in your workers and plays a huge role in killing their morale in their work, thus affecting performance negatively.

Continually Empower Them

Learning never ends, and neither should your empowerment of your workers. You must keep your workers abreast with the current and emerging skills. Provide a chance for them to go out and learn from the best in the field and offer internal training.

Such exposure will give them the life skills necessary for your business growth. It may often require sponsoring them to further their education. Whatever it takes, gladly do it as it comes back to you with many benefits.


Employees will always want to taste new waters and may leave your business anytime, whether you appreciate them or not. Nonetheless, take note that a valued employee will always have a second thought before ditching you for your competitor. It may take them ages before leaving your organization, and when they do, you will have accomplished that which you were after.

Therefore, go ahead and achieve success in your business by first making your workers feel valued through the above five tactics.

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