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5 Times You Can Defer Responsibility for a Car Accident

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According to recent data, approximately 6 million car accidents happen every year in the United States. With over 276 million vehicles on the road; if the number of cars remained constant year-on-year with no renewal, it would mean that a single vehicle could get involved in up to 46 accidents. When you think about it in those terms, you begin to realize that everyone could be at risk of getting into an accident.ย 

The first thing you need to consider when you’ve had a collision is to find a reliable car accident lawyer. A lawyer can not only help you protect your rights and secure compensation where it’s due, but they can also prove your innocence. Indeed, when you are suspected of causing an accident, it could potentially threaten:

  • Your career
  • Your reputation
  • Your wealth
  • Your freedomย 
  • Your driving license

So, it makes sense to defer responsibility when you are not at fault. Here are 5 ways a lawyer can help prove you didn’t do anything wrong.ย 

1.ย  Revealing Your Dash Cam Recording

The dash cam can reveal a different side of the story that contradicts what witnesses or the other parties have to say. You can show the video stored on your dash cam to explain how the situation appeared from your perspective. Theย website here talks about reasons that can cause a car accident and how the story can differ from both ends. Perhaps, the other driver thought they indicated to turn, but your recording shows there was no indicator. You could also use the video to explain how a wild animal suddenly crossing the road forced you to divert your route.ย 

2.ย  You Are Overworked

Your career may not seem relevant, but if you’ve mentioned your heavy workload to your manager without receiving any solution or support, you could argue that you were too exhausted to react rapidly. The responsibility of the accident could partially or completely become your manager’s. Cases that spare the driver and blame the business for traffic accidents tend to involve unique situations where professional drivers are intentionally overworked.ย 

3.ย  You Thought You Had Your Car Repaired/Checked

While it isn’t a common occurrence, some car owners have been scammed by fraudulent car shops. You asked the shop to replace a broken part, and they invoiced you for the work done. But in reality, no work was ever done to your vehicle. If the accident is linked to the defective parts that the car shop lied about replacing, you could demonstrate that you are not responsible for the accident.ย 

4.ย  An Independent Witness Corroborates Your Version of the Event

It’s hard to know who to trust when drivers blame each other for an accident. However, if a witness answers your call for help and can testify about what happened on the road, you may be able to protect yourself.ย 

5.ย  The Traffic Signs Were Incorrect

When road work employees place temporary traffic signs to direct drivers through a diversion or warn about road closure, they need to be careful about sign placement. The wrong placement could cause confusion and put drivers at risk. Perhaps, the sign wrongly turned a one-way road into a two-way avenue.ย 

Accidents can leave you unemployed and in debt. Therefore, it is essential to protect yourself by understanding how to demonstrate your version of the event. Indeed, sometimes factors outside of your control contributed to the unavoidable collision.ย 

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