The 5 Top Software Tools for Electrical Engineers

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Electrical engineers must rely on a large number of physical and digital tools to support their work. With plenty of software out there, it can be tough to decide which platforms offer the best solutions. To provide you with a few handy starting points, these four software tools offer a wide range of support for electrical engineers.

1. Electro Doc

Electro Doc is an extensive collection of electronics references and tools. The app includes plenty of features such as SMD resistor code, inductor color code, voltage divider, capacitor charge, operational amplifier and an LED resistor calculator. The application also includes a PCB trace width calculator, a voltage drop calculator and an inductor design tool. Whether you’re an experienced electrical engineer or still learning the ropes Electro Doc is the tool you need.

2. AutoCAD 360

Using the AutoCAD 360 software electrical engineers can access, share and edit their drawings using a device of their choosing. The software has plenty of handy features including real-time editing, simple sharing and adding comments. You can also edit on the web browser or edit using Box or Dropbox. Further features of AutoCAD 360 include:

  • Edit shapes: it’s simple to manage and work with a variety of layers.
  • Measure: Add dimensions and create the measurements you need.
  • Annotate: With AutoCAD 360, it’s simple to mark up drawings directly from the app.
  • Sharing: You can share whichever drawings you like straight from your device.

With streamlined solutions like AutoCAD  360 you’ll improve the efficiency of your working processes and ensure easier collaboration.

3. Electrical Engineering Toolkit Pro

Electrical Engineering Toolkit Pro is suitable for electrical engineers, students or hobbyists. The app provides 150+ electronics applications. Over a number of years the tool has received plenty of updates and the library becoming more extensive. Using this app, you’ll benefit from features such as:

  • Calculate in real-time: Here, you can make fast calculations and conversions plus circuit simulations (all in real-time).
  • Frequency pitch and audio scope detector: These are brand new features for the latest version of Engineering Toolkit.
  • Frequency generator: Users of the app will also benefit from a powerful frequency generator.

4. PartSim

PartSim is a simple circuit simulator that you can run straight from your web browser. If you’re an electrical engineer in need of a Waveform Viewer or SPICE simulation, then PartSim can help you out. Other features of PartSim include a schematic capture tool, a ‘bill-of-materials’ manager, and the ability to assign ‘digit-key part’ numbers. PartSim can help you to integrate technology into your business and improve your productivity.

Further Solutions

Once you’ve checked out the following software tools, you’ll likely be wondering which other solutions are out there. Arc Flash Consulting Services are a specialized safety compliance-related service offered by electrical engineers. Their Arc Flash assessment is now an important element of the electrical safety program. To find out more about how Arc Flash Consulting Services can support your professional needs, check out the Arc Flash website.

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