6 Best Car Review Websites in 2023

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How potential buyers shop for cars has changed dramatically in the past few decades. Almost nine in ten buyers use the web to shop for autos. Various review websites can help you select the right vehicle and determine its actual market value. However, with several platforms out there, choosing the best option can be challenging. Fortunately, you can use these six best car review sites in 2023 to make your next purchase less stressful.

1.  Google

Many users admit that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Google making the list of the best car review sites is a no-brainer. Dealerships that keep up-to-date with their Google Business Profiles (GBP) can maximize the chances of winning customers through online reviews. From a technical perspective, GBP offers local SEO advantages to both buyers and sellers. Customers can use the “car dealerships near me” search query to find top companies in their local areas.

2.  Edmunds

Many prospective buyers use Edmunds to check reviews on their dream cars. The auto review platform provides ranked reviews by categories ranging from SUVs to best Sedans, trucks, and fuel-efficient vehicles.  Whether you are interested in a new or used car, you can use Edmunds auto website to read unbiased reviews. 

3.  DealerRater

DealerRater is another popular car review site in 2023. The company partners with other brands like Kelly Blue Book, Autotrader, and J.D. Power, providing consumer dealership reviews for potential buyers. This site uses an advanced filtering process and automation to ensure that each review is 100% human, sharing their real-life experience.

4.  MotorTrend

You can narrow down good options for your next ride on MotorTrend. The auto specialty magazine is one of the most popular car review websites in 2023. Look at reviews for both new and old vehicles on MotorTrend. One key feature of this platform is the detailed buyer’s guide it provides to prospective customers. Sort cars according to their style, price, MPG, and more metrics. MotorTrends lets users compare vehicles with direct competitors.

5.  Kelley Blue Book (KBB)

It’s one of the oldest names in the auto industry, with a good reputation. Kelley Blue Book has been reviewing cars for several decades. The top auto website provides car-buying resources, including reviews and valuation tools, to help you budget for your next purchase. 

6.  Facebook

The Meta-owned social media website is among the best platforms to check reviews on dealerships. Anyone with a Facebook profile can log in and leave reviews on an auto dealership’s business page for potential buyers to check and make an informed decision. 

Buying a car is a significant milestone, and it’s understandable that you don’t want to make a mistake. However, you can’t be so sure about any dealership. This is where car review websites come in; they make it easier to scope out various companies until you settle on the right one. Taking time to consider reviews on these auto websites is a great way to fine-tune your car shopping, so feel free to consider this.

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