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8 Major Security Mistakes That Every Business Should Avoid

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Whatever your business model, looking at security as an afterthought isn’t an option. Like any other corporate process, effective planning, proper execution, and careful management are required to protect your company. Business security must always be a top priority and the primary focus of your operations. Corporate threats come in numerous shapes and sizes, including vandalism, data breach, and employee theft. Assuming that crooks only target large corporations will put your venture at risk. With that in mind, here are eight business security mistakes you must avoid.

Having No Screening Policy

We typically assume that corporate threats come from an outside source. However, that isn’t always the case. Many thefts and data breaches are carried out by employees of the business being targeted. For this reason, you must have a screening policy for the hiring process. Make sure that you not only check employer references but carry out a criminal background check. People can easily lie on applications, so it’s essential that you learn about candidates yourself.

Leaving the Doors Unlockedbuilding-1839464_960_720-315x210

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Business premises usually have more than one entrance and exit. Unless you secure each access point, you leave your company vulnerable. Anyone could get into the building, for any reason they wanted. The fewer entrances you leave open, the lower the chance there is of an unauthorized person getting inside. That is why you must secure most windows and doors, giving keys only to employees you know are trustworthy. Any access points left open must be monitored constantly.  A Locksmith Toronto can assist with this very quickly and easily.

Missing Video Surveillance Systems

When a crook is determined enough, a locked door won’t prevent them from gaining access to your business. Because of this, you must install extra deterrents. No burglar or vandal wants to be caught, which is why surveillance cameras can help. Security systems used to be reserved for large corporations alone, but experts, like, allow any entrepreneur to protect their assets. If CCTV doesn’t prevent an attack, it could lead to a conviction instead.

Accepting Cash Payments Only

Convenience for customers is the main reason why many businesses accept card payments. That being said, there are benefits for the companies themselves too. Only taking cash means that any money the venture makes will be stored on the premises. What’s more, any criminal or potential criminal would know that. This could be enough to encourage them to attempt to take the money. Allowing customers to pay card will result in less cash kept on-site.

Skipping Staff Trainingpexels-photo-792199-315x210

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A new employee won’t start at work knowing how to carry out their job. Before that can happen, they must be taught. When training new staff members, you must include security training. This training can be carried out in person or using online resources, like classes and quizzes. Regardless, you should teach every employee how to respond to security threats, which you can learn more about at Skipping this training will only cause more security errors.

Putting Off Software Updates

Software updates aren’t always convenient. Instead, reminders pop up while you’re halfway through an important task or preparing to head home. Nonetheless, you should never ignore these messages. Cybercriminals are always searching for vulnerabilities they can exploit. Since updates patch up problems with software, you can’t afford to overlook them. Automating software updates can save time, but you must occasionally check that devices are up to date.

Forgetting to Check IDs

Companies often implement ID requirements as part of their security policy. If you have such requirements in your business, you must check that they are enforced. Failing to check every ID could result in unauthorized people being given access to the building. This could easily lead to theft or data breach. Every employee must have their ID card checked before they enter the building, even management. Anyone without a pass should leave and return with it later.

Chasing New Security Trends

Every organization must rely on security in one way or another. For this reason, many ventures keep a watchful eye on any security trends or developments. Although this is helpful, it doesn’t mean that you should chase every trend possible. Many of the most reliable and effective security mechanisms, like encryption and key management, work equally as well today as years before. New security trends are often based on new integrations of the same reliable technology.

Everyone makes mistakes, with entrepreneurs being no exception. However, there are certain errors you can’t afford to overlook. To protect your business, try to avoid making the major security mistakes mentioned above.

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