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9 Lessons from Working-Class Millionaires

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Any current or future executive should be seeking out words of wisdom from members of the C-suite just about 24/7. Every high-achieving businessperson’s experience is different, and inevitably, their advice will vary as well. No matter how much you’ve learned, there’s always something new to be gained from someone else’s experiences.

In particular, seeking out unique and diverse opinions on a topic is a great way to uncover blind spots in your own vision and identify places you can improve. That’s why this infographic, assembled by Housecall Pro, is so valuable: it brings together some of the best business advice not just from successful executives, but from those owners and CEOs who got their start in blue-collar industries and worked their way to the top.

If you’re still primarily focused on climbing in your career, these stories can be valuable not just as advice, but also as proof that anyone can enter the C-suite if they work hard, stay dedicated, and refuse to give up.

If you’re already a leader in your industry, these individuals’ wisdom can help you discover new ways to operate and become a better manager. Especially if you yourself have never worked in the positions your employees hold, getting opinions from those who have can be especially valuable.

You can scroll through the advice of these blue-collar millionaires in the infographic below, or you can click through to the full article for more complete backgrounds on each entrepreneur.


This infographic was created by the innovative minds at Housecall Pro

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