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Are You Prepared for Disaster?

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All businesses should have a plan for disaster recovery. Disaster recovery planning and strategy are higher on the agenda than it has ever been before. Recovery planning needs to prepare for issues include a power outage, data breaches, and other problems like natural disasters causing damage to the office and causing you to close.

43% of businesses in the UK have suffered a breach of some kind in the last year. A breach can cost over Β£9000 to a large business (those with more than 250 employees). Despite this, only 11% are taking no action at all to identify cyber risks. Actions to spot risks would include health checks, risk assessments, audits, and threat intelligence investments.

Successful attacks can result in data loss or corruption. Data breaches are a big problem, as this can lead to angry customers, fines, and a loss of reputation, as well as downtime and the cost of replacing data.

Attacks, especially through ransomware, have increased an enormous amount in recent years. Successful attacks cause a loss of productivity for businesses, a loss of revenue, and massive damage to your reputation. These problems have a recovery cost of Β£1.1m.

These alarming statistics show just how important it is to have a solid plan in place to prevent attacks and how to recover from a breach if one does happen. A strong strategy can help you to recover much more quickly, with less damage to your reputation.

To learn about effective disaster recovery planning and strategy, take a look at this infographic.


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