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Benefits of Automated Sales Incentives Programs for Higher Productivity

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Customer relationship management (CRM) is a strategic way to manage a company’s interactions with current and potential customers.

Companies in many industries use it to identify sales opportunities and keep in touch with customers. It also helps to organise information about customers and develop strategies for enhancing customer loyalty and retention.

Some CRM systems provided by companies like are built around sales force automation software that automates sales processes such as forecasting, order tracking, or leads nurturing. Some CRMs include asset management features that automate the sales process from marketing through installation.

Here, you will learn how adding automated sales incentives programs into CRM systems can assist you in meeting and beating your productivity targets.

Helps Keep Track of Current Customers Effectively

When you begin to implement automated sales incentives into your CRM system, the first thing you will notice is an increase in customer loyalty. Customers can feel empowered by earning points for engaging with your business and spending their points on items they want or need.

Being rewarded for doing something normal, like buying a coffee at Starbucks or purchasing new gear for your worksite, will make them feel appreciated and show them that you care about what they think.

Easier for Buyers to Get Started with Products and Services

According to Forbes, more than 80 per cent of customers prefer surprise deals or gifts to information on sales, special privileges, time-saving opportunities, or other traditional program benefits.

Most companies offer some incentives for customers to purchase products or services. You give away free samples, discounts, or even hold contests to get customers into your store.

These are the best ways to draw customers into purchasing, but what happens if they don’t like the product? They won’t come back because you gave them an incentive to buy it.

The automation sales incentives program helps eliminate this issue by rewarding your customers before making their first purchase.

Whether the customer purchases a product or service, there will be an opportunity for repeat business and up-selling based on loyalty. You can build this loyalty from automated sales incentives programs.

Helps Automate Currently Tired Processes

In some companies, customer service representatives have to manually keep track of customers who have been sent rewards or had their loyalty points updated. It is a terrible waste of time and money as your employees shouldn’t be doing a job that a machine could do.

When you begin using an automated sales incentives program, all of this information will be stored in your CRM system so it doesn’t fall through the cracks ever again. The software itself will automate these processes that were once tedious.

Helps You Balance Marketing and Customer Service

Most, if not all, companies have a separate marketing department that helps to keep the brand image in check and promote their business in the best possible light.

All of these efforts are lost unless someone from customer service calls up customers who received emails or mailers about your new sale or product.

It is problematic because this particular individual may not be aware of an issue the customer has had in the past, so they miss out on any chance of redemption.

An automated sales incentive program solves this issue by integrating sales and customer service. Automated sales incentive programs can prove to be extremely effective in boosting your sales and brand image in the market. It is a potent way of also ensuring good client relations and retention. It is therefore highly recommended for businesses thatΒ  wish to optimize profits.

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