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Best Booth Features To Try Out at a Convention

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In the coming year, live conventions will become normal once again. Will you be ready to meet and impress your customers, both old and new? Now’s the time to plot your strategy and set up the special attractions and items that will draw people to your booth. Your products and brand should be at the forefront, of course, but special events and merchandise will help you build memories, goodwill, and most importantly, leads and clients. If you need a few ideas, here are the best booth features to try out at a convention.

Branded Merchandise

Handing out goodies with your logo on them is Marketing 101, right? Potential customers receive a fun freebie they’ll possibly wear around the convention hall or bring back and use at their office. It’s free and ongoing advertising—well, it’s not entirely free. Each printed shirt, cozy, blinking button, or other doodad comes at a cost, and when you simply hand them out, that “free advertising” may not be worth it. Set up a game of chance, such as a roulette wheel, cornhole game, a drawing, or the like, and ask booth visitors to share their business card or contact info for a chance to win merch. This draws them in, gives you a chance to make a connection, and also saves you money.

Greenscreen Photo Booth

Nothing builds camaraderie and laughter like a great group photo, and nothing leaves more of a post-convention impression than a fun photo. Greenscreen photo booths can be rented easily, but if you have access to a camera, editing software with chroma key capability, and a greenscreen backdrop, you can take and print your own photos. Greenscreens let your imagination run wild, giving you the power to create fun effects and wacky backgrounds, and you can add some props for extra kookiness. Exchange a group photo for the business card, and make sure the photo’s frame features your contact information, logo, and URL. More than likely, that photo will hang in someone’s office, keeping your company in the front of their mind.

Set Up a Hangout Spot

If you have a larger booth stationed at the end of an aisle, leave out some chairs and tables for people to rest. Sweeten the deal by providing water and wrapped treats (prominently displaying your logo and website, naturally.) Be welcoming and friendly, yet low-pressure as you try to get those leads! Set up a television or screen with an ongoing explainer video reel that talks about your company, your products, and what you do. Potential customers appreciate and remember a little consideration.

Provide Entertainment

One of the best booth features to try out at a convention is to hire a performer(s) to play, act, do stand-up, or otherwise entertain and draw in passersby. Talent agencies can provide musicians, magicians, comedians, actors and actresses, and other eye-catching and charismatic performers who can work your branding into their routines. They can entice likely customers to hang out and hear more of what you have to offer.

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