Client Protection: Tips for Effectively Cleaning Your Salon

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When you run your own salon business, nothing is more important than the health and safety of your clients. That is why it’s crucial that you’re always utilizing top-notch cleaning practices to keep the environment hygienic. So, with the chances of getting sick higher than ever before, you and your employees must do all you can to mitigate this risk. These tips for effectively cleaning your salon will help start you off on the right track.

Sweep the Floors Between Each Client

Whether it’s cut hair or nail clippings, each client will always leave a little bit of themselves behind when they walk away from a station. These materials carry germs and bacteria just as skin does, and they make your work area less sanitary overall. For this reason, sweeping up the debris is vital to not only keep the space looking nice but also remove any potential sources of infection. It’s recommended that you clean in this manner after every client that sits in your chair.

Disinfect All Beauty Tools and Stations

You should also use the time between appointments to disinfect all your beauty tools and stations. Since your next client will come into direct contact with these items, making sure they’re clean at all times is the key to preventing the spread of germs. So, take extra care to wipe down all tables and chairs and make sure you’re performing proper sanitization procedures for hair cutting shears, brushes, and nail clippers.

Don’t Forget the Waiting Areas

Another important tip for effectively cleaning your salon is to give some attention to the waiting areas as well. Though you might not think about it often, some of the most frequently touched surfaces in your salon are the tables, chairs, and magazines near the reception desk. As such, they actually present the largest risk to your clients. Therefore, along with straightening up, you should also get into the habit of disinfecting these items every few hours during the workday.

Perform Additional Cleaning as Legally Required

Depending on the state you’re practicing in, there may be additional health and safety guidelines to follow. Some laws even require that you clean things in very specific ways to ensure you’re staying compliant. Therefore, it’s vital that you do a bit of extra research regarding your state’s standards for your industry. This will ensure you’re always up to code and your facilities are as clean as they can be.

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