Commercial Building Maintenance Tips for New Business Owners

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Becoming a business owner is more than just taking care of incoming orders and employees; you have a new building to maintain as if it were your second house. Keeping your commercial property safe and appealing to customers should be your primary concern. With proper maintenance, you’ll have less work to do each passing year. Look after your company’s building with our quick list of commercial building maintenance tips for new business owners.

Take in the Appearance of Your Building

After going in to work day after day, you may forget to look at the building itself from the outside. An aesthetically pleasing building is essential when it comes to drawing in new customers. Take a moment each morning to unobjectively perceive the face of your building. Would you want to go inside if you were a customer? If the answer is no, ask yourself what you can do to change that. Do you need more decorations in the storefront? Maybe you need to repaint the outside of your property or fit one of these Commercial Awnings from Caribbean Blinds (or another reputable awning company in your area) to provide some shade for customers and staff members alike. Make a list of these aesthetic touch-ups for your business and tackle them one at a time.

Maintain Your Roof

Because commercial roofs are often flat, it can be easy to forget they exist and can weather with age. Know the approximate lifespan of your commercial roof and keep that number of years in mind when performing routine maintenance. A professional roofer will tell you when it’s time for a new roof or will keep it healthy and repaired. Unmanaged, leaky commercial roofing can lead to devastating water damage to your business and will cost more to repair, especially if it causes structural faults. As per the information on this site, jacksoncontractingsite.com, make sure that your roofer carries workers’ compensation insurance for their employees and general liability insurance.

Take Care of Your HVAC System

Heating and air conditioning are essential to your small business. While you may have regularly scheduled maintenance for your HVAC system with a professional, you should make sure that nothing goes wrong in between maintenance visits. Know what your technician is doing with the HVAC system and ask if there is anything that you specifically need to watch out for. Listen for any strange noises and ensure that you have cold or hot air when you need it. Don’t wait until winter to test your heating!

If an Appliance Is Broken…Fix It!

When running a restaurant or bakery, broken equipment can lower efficiency on the job and cause lost revenue. The last on the list of commercial building maintenance tips for new business owners is to not put off a maintenance order on any of your equipment, even if it’s less important than other appliances or is not used often. If an employee comes to you with an equipment issue, check to see if the equipment can be fixed with your knowledge or the equipment’s handbook. You may not notice at first if anything is wrong. If this is the case, trust your employees—especially if more than one comes to you with an issue. Put in a maintenance order to ease their minds.

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