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Commercial Buildings That Need Soundproofing

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Noise can be a major disturbance that affects concentration and productivity among workers and reduces customers’ satisfaction. While you may not completely solve the source of the problem, you can implement solutions to mitigate the issue and take control of the situation. There are many commercial buildings that need soundproofing to eliminate the threat of excess noise and ensure the comfort of employees and guests.

Call Centers

Typically, employees in call centers share large spaces, sometimes separated by cubicles, which can reduce noise levels. But other times, workers may be sitting next to each other with no form of partition. The level of noise that your employees generate from doing their job can be immense and may limit their ability to speak and hear clearly while on the phone.

Break Up the Noise

There are quick and relatively inexpensive ways to cancel out noise and reduce sound levels throughout your call center. Installing cubicles is a great way to separate your workers and limit noises to small areas.

Automotive Garages

Mechanic garages, especially larger ones that can house and service numerous vehicles, generate a lot of noise. This sound carries easily through a garage due to its concrete surfaces, off of which the sound echoes, intensifying the noise. But if your business doubles as a dealership, your garage probably shares space with your reception center and offices. You must not allow the noise to intrude on the business and dealings that go on in the other areas of the building, as it can disturb customers and dealers alike.

Contain the Noise

Luckily, the thick concrete structures of the garage may be able to prevent sound from penetrating the walls, but this is not a guarantee. The installation of acoustic mesh can further protect your business offices from the intrusive noise of the mechanics at work.


Guests come to your hotel to rest, relax, and enjoy themselves while taking a vacation from their daily lives. But if your room’s walls are not sufficiently thick or soundproofed, the noise can completely ruin your vacation. Sounds can keep guests up at night, reducing their energy levels the next day and decreasing their enjoyment.

Consider Outside and Inside Noises

Not everyone falls asleep at the same time, and voices carry through walls easier than you would expect. Busy roads and construction sites can add to the noise level, ruining a peaceful night’s sleep. Ensure that all internal and external walls are secure enough to prevent noise from penetrating them and disturbing guests.

Don’t Underestimate the Effects Of Noise

It may not seem like such a significant problem if some noise escapes to other areas of your business, but constant noise can serve as a major distraction to many workers by breaking their concentration. Consider whether your commercial building needs soundproofing because failing to create a more peaceful soundscape can lead to employee dissatisfaction and customer complaints.

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