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COVID 19 Employment Precautions Employers Should Take

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After a long period of lockdown due to COVID 19, business activities are resuming gradually in the country. Employees, however, are not quite aware of the safety requirements at their work-places. In this situation, it becomes very important for the employer to take appropriate precautionary measures to safeguard employees’ health in view of coronavirus.

However, as this is a new situation, even the employers are not fully aware of the right kind of measures to be taken to prevent the spread of the new virus. COVID 19 staffing agency can be very helpful in this situation to help employers to reformulate and implement new safety policy keeping in mind the specific requirements of COVID 19.

What employment precautions are necessary to check the spread of COVID 19 at the work-place? Temporary COVID 19 staffing agency can provide you experts in core areas with additional training on designing and implementing safety policy related to COVID 19. They can help in sourcing the necessary equipment and ensure to execute the new safety system. The new system may include following precautionary measures.

Minimum Staff at the Workplace

Deploying ‘Work from Home’ policy is the best way to prevent the spread of the virus. So, employers should try to restrict the number of employees in the work-place. They should only call the essential staff at the work premise and that too with a staggering duty schedule. The employers should ensure to design the work from home policy in such a way that it does not disturb the work-life balance of their employees.

COVID 19 staff agencies can provide you with the staffs who have acquired expertise in taking these administrative controls and implementing them in your workplace.

Monitoring Temperature 

Employers should arrange for touch less temperature screening to measure the temperature of each employee before entering the work-place. If the employee does not have a fever or other related symptoms, they should follow their regular company’s occupational health and safety policy.

Wearing Mask 

Employers need to ensure that each employee working on the premises wears a face mask. They can provide suitable masks to their employees if needed.

Following Social Distancing Norms

The basic requirement of maintaining social distance is to stay at least 6 feet away from each other while performing duty in the workplace.

Maintaining Hygienic Conditions 

The entire work-area should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with particular attention on the shared equipment and common areas.

Final Words

By engaging with COVID 19 staffing agency and taking some simple precautions, employers can protect their employees from the attack of corona virus and prevent its spread in an effective manner.

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