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How to Create an Office Environment That Your Employees Will Love

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If you look at Amazon’s head office building in Seattle, Washington State, you’ll notice something – it just looks like a generic, boring corporate office. It doesn’t even have the company logo on the door. It is non-descript.

Stepping inside reveals a similarly dull atmosphere. The walls are white, the carpet is coarse, and the interior design looks like something right out of a 1980s film. It’s not what you’d call innovative.

Of course, this approach pretty much sums up Amazon. It is not a company that cares deeply about morale among employees – all it cares about is the customer. The first worship the people who buy from them.

Swap over to the offices of Apple, Google, or Microsoft, and you find something completely different. First off, these firms don’t even call their head offices “offices.” Instead, they call them campuses – they’re places where people go to work AND be their best selves possible. It’s not just about sacrificing yourself on the altar of consumer sovereignty – it’s also about making sure that each person can contribute as much as possible to the effort.

Top tech companies, besides Amazon, provide all kinds of features in their offices, designed to improve their workers’ lives. You can click here for more information on the type of design that they use. To put it simply, they include features that you’d expect to find at a resort, not a place of work.

Ergonomic Furniture

Generic office furniture isn’t ideal. Sure, it’s okay for clients when they visit from time to time, but it can be a real sore point for staff. Workers in your office rely on furniture daily to make their lives comfortable and facilitate work. But if the design is poor, then they will feel uncomfortable, hampering their overall productivity. That’s not ideal.

It’s far better to invest in ergonomic furniture early so that you have fewer complaints later on. Choose adjustable chairs and desks that employees can manipulate to get the right working position. You will find plenty of options available to you over on sites like Office Monster,which can meet all your business’ furniture needs.

Provide Different Working Environmentsstudent-849824_1280-315x210

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Not everyone thrives in the same type of interior space. Some people like to be next to their coworkers, tapping away on their keyboards together, firing off emails, and writing reports. Others want to work in private spaces outside of the main office. Here they can concentrate. And then there are the people who can only work well propped up on the couch in the canteen. Everyone is different.

Top offices, therefore, offer a variety of workspaces to suit every person in the office. They don’t restrict people from working in one particular place or another. They provide a degree of freedom.

Add A Shower

All top companies offer their employees showers. It’s not because they stink. It’s because a shower provides workers with more options for how they spend their day. They can, for instance, hit the squash courts at lunchtime with their colleagues and then return to their desks fresh in the afternoon, so long as they have somewhere to wash. The same applies to those who cycle to work.

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