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Creative Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

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Marketing your business can be a tricky and frustrating endeavor, especially in this fast-paced and digital world. Just when you think you have an ingenious marketing strategy, popular trends shift and force you to scrap your ideas and change gears.

Because trends change so fast and people’s attention is so hard to maintain, the best way to market your business and mitigate risk is to think out of the box. Don’t center all of your marketing attempts around fleeting trends. Instead, make your campaigns so attention-grabbing that people won’t be able to tear their eyes away from them. Here are some creative marketing strategies for small businesses to help you step up your marketing game.

Utilize the Streets

Nowadays, many businesses are in big, bustling metropolises. These cities are hubs of activity, with potential customers strolling down the streets at all hours of the day. If you’re an urban business, make sure to use those teeming streets to your advantage.

Hang up posters and banners wherever you can. Use chalk on the sidewalks to write out your social media handles or inform passersby about your business’s location, hours, and ongoing promotions.

Host Photo and Video Contests

One thing that people love doing (and will always love doing) is taking photos and videos of themselves and their loved ones. It’s less about vanity and more about preserving special moments in time. As a business, you can use this innate love of photography and videography to get customers hyped about your products and services. Host a photo or video contest (with prizes) and watch the posts roll in.

If there’s one thing that people love more than taking photos and videos for their own personal enjoyment, it’s taking photos and videos for cash and other freebies. Your business gets a ton of free promotion, and your customers get to have fun. It’s a win-win situation all around.

Ramp up Your Visuals

Visuals are often much more effective than words when it comes to promotions. That’s because the human brain has an easier time processing and remembering visuals than it does text. But just having visuals isn’t enough. Your business needs unique, eye-popping graphics that stand out against your competitors.

The next creative marketing strategy for small businesses is to ramp up your visuals. One way to set your business apart from the crowd is to use visual effects in your photos and videos. Visual effects allow you to do things that would be impossible to do using regular filming methods. You can place your product under the sea or in space or add subtler effects such as fading or glowing. This allows you to get creative with your posts and advertisements. The sky is the limit!

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