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Customer Service: How To Handle A Difficult Customer

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customer-support  All customer service representatives dread handling a difficult customer. They can be unruly, loud, and obnoxious. Sometimes this is through no real fault of your own. It may be that you simply can not accept a product for return because it has been damaged or you don’t accept returns on that type of products. Sometimes, of course, it is your fault. This happens to everyone. As long as you rectify the situation and were not intentionally rude, this is fine.

How do you handle those customers who get way out of hand though? They might be yelling, cussing, or otherwise causing a big scene. You may be tempted to respond in the same manner, but that is actually the worst thing you could possibly do. When handling a difficult customer, just use the following tips for the best results.

Stay Calm

The most important thing to do in any difficult situation is to remain calm. Don’t raise your voice, and try your best to not get frustrated. Often, a customer will calm down if you stay calm. You are also better able to think when you are calm. You can take a deep breath if necessary, although do not exaggerate it as the customer can take this as disrespectful or chastising.

Work To Calm Down The Customer

The next step will be to work on calming down the customer. As long as you stay calm yourself, this should be fairly easy. There will always be customers who can not be calmed down, but do your best. Politely tell the customer that you will need them to calm down (stop yelling, etc.) in order for you to best assist them.

If You Can Not Handle It, Get A Manager

If you are unable to handle a situation, you should gt a manager. They have more experience in dealing with difficult customers. They also have more power to create a solution for the customer. Remember that getting a manager is only a last resort, however. Managers have a lot of other tasks that they must handle, so they do not have the time to handle every small dispute for you.

Other Tips

  • Never say unprofessional things that you would regret later or that may cost you your job.
  • Do not ever raise your voice.
  • If you do not know the answer to a customer’s question, find someone who does.
  • If a customer ever gets physical, you should call the police and a manager immediately.
  • Even when dealing with an extremely difficult customer, you should try to keep a smile on your face.
  • Remember to use your manners. Sir, ma’am, please, and thank you can be extremely helpful when dealing with an unruly customer.

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