Decoding the Power of Industrial Magnets with Their Applications

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The commercial world has no end. You cannot even imagine how many elements are manufactured to carry out a variety of processes. Likewise, you cannot deny the fact that magnets have been playing a significant role in the industrial world. After 1820, its applications have always skyrocketed.

In fact, you cannot picture life without these in modern life. They are used almost in every industry ranging from electrical, automobile to jewelry. So which types of industrial magnets have become an integral part of the modern business processes? Are you curious to know? Without any further ado, let’s reveal that for you!


These are also known as ceramic magnets. Its composition consists of Iron Oxide and various metals. There are two types of ferrites, namely hard ferrite and soft ferrite. Hard ferrites are made up of the elements like barium, strontium and cobalt that helps in retaining the magnetism. These are commonly used in disc drives, radios, and speakers.

On the other hand, soft ferrites contain nickel and zinc compounds in it that reflect low coercivity. They are highly used in inductors and transformers.


Discovered in the 1930s, it quickly gained recognition. Their magnetic strength is impeccable, and they have an outstanding capacity to resist even high temperatures. They are a bit expensive as they are made from nickel, cobalt, and aluminum. That is why in short, they are called Alnico.

They are extensively used in hearing aids, motors, and guitar pickups. Moreover, as per this site,, they are used in various types of sensors as well. They offer such amazing strength that they have made their mark in the aerospace industry as well.


They come under the category of one of the strongest, rarest and versatile magnets in the world. They are widely suitable in the medical industry and magnetic couplings. Additionally, they hold importance in the residential and public buildings as the magnetic door catches. Not only this, you can use it for drawer closures and fixing furniture in the home.

Basically, women out there would be surprised to know that they are also used in the production of jewelry and clasps as it provides a secure hold.


Samarium-cobalt, commonly known as SmCo, is the strong permanent and rare-earth magnet. Developed in the 1960s, it shows high resistance towards corrosion, with no iron content in it. They are said to be suitable for things that can’t work without high operating temperatures. For instance – Generators, the automotive industry, turbines, and traveling wave tubes.

To Sum It All Up

Working in the commercial world is not easy. You have to face day-to-day challenges. But if you have made up your mind to make your place there, then who can stop you? And when the world has provided you with so many facilities, then why not utilize it to the full extent? After all, there is no doubt that you want to make your operations smooth. So why not use these things to carry out the daily tasks?

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