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Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Working Space More Pleasing and Fun

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Believe it or not, every time, being productive is not easy. Sometimes it is normal to face distraction from work. But here comes the good news. The workspace impacts the productivity of the employees to a great extent. While the wrong space can actually distract you from important work, the right atmosphere boosts your productivity and makes you efficient.

Learning how to make your office premises more pleasing can have a substantial effect on employees as well as the business. So, are you the one who wants to infuse the office with a stylish setting that leads to a healthy working environment?

If your answer to the above question is yes, then you have come up at the right place. Here, we will provide you with ideas that are getting a much-needed roar for making the workspace more fun. Get ready folks! It is time to spice up the workplace with the following ideas.

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Brighten Up the Cubicle with Framed Art

You spend crucial hours of your day in your cubicle. Isn’t it important to elevate it with the pretty and inspiring items that make you gaze upon it throughout the day? How can you do that? Select the different sizes of simple and contemporary frames and fill them up with eye-catching pictures. You know this is the perfect way to hide those unpleasant connector lines that most cubicles have. It is right to say that framed art provides you a visual escape.

For instance – If you want a modern yet minimal look, consider colors like black and white. Go for the contrasting colors. Or you can style up the space with bright whites. Black and white photography also adds charm to the place and gives a wonderful feeling.

Comfort with a Throw Pillow

Do you think that sofas are the only place where you can use the throw pillows? Let us clarify this cloud of confusion for you. Not only in homes, but throw pillows are something that provides a comfortable atmosphere everywhere. What do you do when all you want is extra back support, especially in the afternoon? Adding an extra adjustment in the form of a throw pillow is actually not a bad idea. Wait, there is more to it! You can use various fun prints and patterns that will liven up the space.

Breathe Some Life into the Office

How can you instill more life into the office? Potted plants are a great way to do that. Furthermore, succulents make excellent office plants. You can also flaunt your Do-it-yourself skills by decorating the containers of these succulents and geo planters. These mini-size decorative pieces give a “homey” feeling and make the space more alluring.

Bring in a Chair

Not to mention that actual working is the vital part of work, but you cannot deny that taking breaks is also important. Getting up and taking a brisk walk or stretching yourself is actually a good way to recharge yourself after every hour or two. There should be a well-maintained place for breaks. Pop over there when you are feeling worn out and return to your work feeling rejuvenated.

What can you include in the place meant for breaks? Coffee station, comfortable seating, and there are many more. Coffee is the lifeblood of the employees that keeps them going actively to do work. Do not forget to add attractive mugs also.

For more pleasing aesthetics, you can include giant deck chairs to transform the breakroom of the office. You are dead right if you think that giant deck chairs add a wow factor to space. Think we are exaggerating?

Then try it yourself!

Soothing Ambiance with a Lamp

No wonder lamps are the device that takes you to the whole new world in terms of soothing ambiance. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your cubicle can’t have a lamp beside the fluorescents. Bring in a lamp and feel the change with its warmer lumens.

Note: Find the lamp with the soft lighting. It should add glow to the cubicle area without being too bright. It will surely make your desk stand out.

Stack Some Books

Which office doesn’t love to be ahead of its competitors? For this purpose, keep the addition of books on professional development and business. If your business loves to dive into the magazines or check the catalogs once in a while, adding a magazine rack is an impeccable idea. This rack is not only valuable for storing magazines but also for books.

Add a Big Clock

There is no doubt that time management is prime in every workspace. And in this aspect, the office décor can also do a favor to you. Still confused? A big and stylish clock can do wonders for the working area. A giant clock acts as a focal point for the employees and the clients. Hence, don’t miss out on this aspect and bring a smart, elegant and giant clock for the office premises.

Pleasant Scents

Think about this for a moment – You are working in a bright, colorful space with soothing scents filling your nostrils. How relaxing it is. The result? Mood upliftment, a better mindset, and more productivity. So, don’t mind adding calming scents to the workspace. You can use these scents – Cinnamon, Peppermint, Citrus, and the list goes on. Cinnamon has a great role to play in improving focus. Peppermint lifts your mood, and citrus lifts your spirit up.

You can also keep a few essential oils in your bag or put them in the drawer. Whenever you need the power and focus, just put few drops on a handkerchief and let the work begin!


The bottom line is – the office is an important part of everyone’s professional lives. So, make it as comfortable as possible. Take the help of the tips as mentioned above, and your office will surely give out a whole new feel. After all, the workspace also demands your efforts. At last, Alina Wheeler, an author, can’t be more right when she said

“Design is intelligence made visible.”

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