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Different Ways Hackers Can Breach Your Business Security

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Protecting your business against cyberattackers is an important priority when you own a business. Understanding the different ways hackers can breach your business security is the first step in equipping yourself against an attack.

Stealing Information

Customers trust you to keep their information secure, and it’s a betrayal of trust if it gets stolen. It can reduce sales and hurt your business because customers will look to other companies. It’s your job to tell patrons if their information was compromised. Let them know what you did to fix the problem and inform them as to the severity of the breach. Whatever you do, don’t keep it a secret. If customers learn that hackers stole their information from a third party, you will likely lose their business.

Along with customer information, attackers can also steal company information. They could use your ideas before you do, and a hacker can sell your compromised information to others who want to purchase it.

Take Control of Your Website

Customers will likely browse your website before they call or visit your store. Hackers can change things on your website, such as the layout, and also alter the content. This can cause a lot of damage because you may not check your website every day.

Infect Computer With Viruses

Viruses can cripple your business and personal accounts. A few notable viruses:

  • Stuxnet: Created to command industrial systems to self destruct
  • PoisonIvy: Computers can be remotely controlled
  • agent.btz: The Pentagon had to ban thumb drives
  • Zeus: A malware kit that aims at personal information

For every virus that gets destroyed, another will take its place. It’s a never-ending process for cybersecurity. Warn your employees not to open a questionable email or link.

Changing Passwords

Creating a strong password is crucial for your business. Most of us get into a habit of using the same password for everything because it’s easy to remember. This makes a hacker’s job pretty easy. They can change the password and potentially lock you out of the system. Here are a few simple things to prevent this from happening:

  • Change passwords regularly
  • Never use the same password
  • Use a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols
  • Enable two-step identification

There are multiple security programs that can protect your business. Arm yourself against the different ways hackers can breach your business security.

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