Different Ways Warehouses Can Go Green

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It has become a wide concern among society that we need to do everything possible to reduce our carbon footprint. As a result, many businesses are working to become more environmentally friendly. Warehouses especially are utilizing the many options of modern technology to make their industry more sustainable. To learn about the different ways warehouses can go green, read below.

Recycle and Reuse as Much as Possible

It is a norm that warehouses use many varying materials throughout their facilities. Many businesses unfortunately get into the habit of throwing most of these materials into the trash without a second thought. Sadly, many of these materials viewed as junk are reusable or recyclable. Anything you can recycle should be stored properly and then picked up through a local program. Setting up recycling bins can ensure proper recycling habits. Additionally, reusables like bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and wooden pallets should be stored where employees can easily access them for further use. Wooden pallets are vital, as they can be reused or recycled. One of the benefits of recycling your wooden pallets is that they can be refurbished and then sent back for reuse.

Eliminate Paper Use

In today’s modern age, many businesses continue to use large amounts of paper, even though we have computer technology to store information. One of the best things you can do for the environment with your warehouse business practices is to try to lessen the use of paper, or forgo it altogether. You can switch to a paperless order management system, which includes paperless POs and packing slips. You can use online accounts for customers and talk to vendors about utilizing email to receive invoices and credits digitally. Also, consider investing in any helpful smart technology which can be used for many things including scheduling, inventory, pick lists, and any other documents.

Reduce the Amount of Order Packaging

Of the different ways warehouses can go green, one of the most helpful is limiting the amount of order packaging that is going in and out of your facility. Some of the best ways to tackle this issue include reusing any materials received from different vendors and reducing the amount uses. You can make guidelines for employees to follow at packing stations to limit the amount of material being used. Consider investing in shelf-ready packaging like shipping containers that can be opened for items to be shelved immediately.

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