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Disaster Planning 101: Why Your Business Needs Alarm Monitoring

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While having business insurance can protect you financially from the loss of business due to a fire, it can do nothing to restore your business’s reputation if you miss orders or fail to keep your promises. You’ve worked hard to build a successful business and don’t want to see it all end in a disaster. So, here are four reasons why alarm systems and monitoring from Verisure could be the way to ensure your business doesn’t go up in smoke.

1. Fast Response Times

While having a fire alarm installed is mandatory in places of business these days, what type of fire alarm you have is not. When an alarm detects a fire during normal business hours, employees are around to react. However, what happens if the fire occurs at night when everyone has gone home, and there is no one to fight the fire and call the emergency services? If this happens, and there is no alarm monitoring in place, then the delay in the arrival of the fire department could be catastrophic.

2. No Loss of Revenue

Alarm monitoring means that the fire department will arrive promptly to deal with the fire. This means that any disruption the fire causes will be kept to an absolute minimum. If the alarm in your business is monitored and a fire breaks out, you may have to make a few repairs, and there will probably be some cleaning up to do, but hopefully not much else. However, if a fire breaks out at night and the fire department is only called when someone sees smoke or flames coming out of the roof, you may not even have a business to return to in the morning.

3. Lessen the Chances of Losing Your Businessfire-2501788_960_720-315x210

Let’s talk statistics. A recent government study in Britain found that 25% of all businesses that experience a major fire never manage to recover. And in 2017, there were nearly 500,000 business fires in the US. This means that approximately 125,000 companies will go out of business each year because of a fire. Alarm monitoring means that your business is far less likely to be one of them.

4. Increased Loyalty Amongst Your Employees

Of course, it’s not just you who will suffer if your business closes down, so will all your employees. And showing your employees that you are not just investing in your own future but also in theirs, will mean a great deal to them. By ensuring that they have a safe place to come to work each day, you will build a loyal, stable workforce. This, in turn, will bring so many benefits to your company that your return on investment in alarm monitoring will be repaid many times over.


Fire alarms work really well if there is a fire in your place of work during normal business hours. Unfortunately however, if a fire breaks out during non-trading hours and days, there is not only a good chance that the damage will be extensive but there is also a one in four chance that you will lose your business altogether. The best way to ensure that doesn’t happen, is by investing in alarm monitoring.

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