Essential Items to Start a Photography Business

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So, do you want to be the next Gordon Parks or Idara Ekpoh? First and foremost, you must begin practicing daily, especially if you want a career in photography. That said, to have a successful photography business, there are several items you need in your arsenal. Continue reading for a list of essential items to start a photography business.

A quality camera and an assortment of lenses

Obviously, you’re not going to get very far without a great camera body. However, a lot of the art and creativity comes from your lenses. You could easily have dozens of lenses––probably more. That said, it’s important to be realistic with yourself. If you’re primarily shooting landscape and nature shots, you’re probably going to want mainly wide-angle lenses. Start simple, though; get yourself one or two good lenses. You can always add more later.

Camera accessories

Every photographer knows that there’s a ton of gear you can get, and some photographers will need more—or less—than others. Common items a professional photographer needs include assorted backdrops and props, lighting, tripods, gimbals, memory cards, and camera storage. We know leaving your lenses on the shelf looks cool on Instagram, but you should properly store any gear that’s not in use.

Post-production gear

Even with all your quality gear, the only way to take your beautiful photos to the next level is with post-production gear. You should not only have additional hard drives, but also a quality computer or laptop equipped with editing software. Ask any professional photographer if they edit their photos, and without skipping a beat, they’ll say yes. Ultimately editing brings out the beauty in your photos.

Accounting software

Don’t forget that starting any business is challenging and you’ll need to sharpen your business skills. In addition to knowing how to start a photography business, you must also understand the business’s financial side. For some, this means they’re going to hire an accountant or ask their friend to help them out. However, as the owner, no one should know the numbers better than you. That’s why we’d encourage you to get accounting software to make the process easier than a traditional spreadsheet.

Starting any business is exciting, but this is especially true for a creative business. Gathering all the essential items to start a photography business is one of the best parts of the gig because every photographer loves their gear. Just remember to take your time and be patient. You won’t be an overnight success, but you should enjoy the process, sharpen your skills, and have fun.

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