Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Company Car

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Whether its purpose is to transport equipment or clients, the company car is an important cog in your business’s operations. If something happens to this cog, it can cause delays, damage property, or worse, injure employees. Because keeping these vehicles in top shape is so crucial, we’ve compiled these tips for maintaining your company car to keep your business moving.

Set Clear Expectations

A well-maintained car begins with those driving it. First and foremost, managers should train employees in safe driving practices and what to look for and document as far as maintenance goes. For instance, employees should know how to properly document fuel mileage as well as any unexplained noises coming from the engine or brakes.

In addition, employees should be aware of what is and what is not permitted in company vehicles. For instance, managers must decide whether they will permit smoking in company cars or whether employees can drive the cars for personal use. Both can depreciate the value of the car as well as put additional miles on it, leaving it more susceptible to accidents.

Create a Maintenance Schedule

Although it’s important for employees to report if something is wrong, you shouldn’t wait for an accident to begin maintenance. Prioritize key factors about the car that you want to maintain, such as oil, brakes, windshield wiper fluid, tires, and batteries. These should be checked on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and you should set dates on the company calendar for these items to be replaced, changed, or filled. It’s also important to document when maintenance occurs.

Don’t Neglect Cleanliness

Even if a car isn’t being driven by a sales representative, keeping a car clean is key to maintaining your company car. Cars with regularly washed exteriors are less likely to fall prey to corrosion, making them more likely to last longer. Applying a quality car wax offers all these benefits while also preventing scratches to the exterior. Keeping a car’s interior clean also creates a safer driving environment for employees, keeping both them and the car safer.

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