How To Establish a Business’s Computer Network

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A business’s computer network requires more than computers and hard drives. It’s the beating heart of your company, keeping its records and critical accounts, and it needs to be robust enough to stand up to security threats. Below are just a few of the necessities you’ll need to ensure your files’ safety and the efficiency of your workplace.


A server is the brain of your company’s computer network. It houses all relevant data and programs, a point of access for all employees. Without a proper server, your company’s data is stuck on each independent computer, only able to move around via flash drives and e-mails.

Servers will facilitate quick and efficient communication throughout the company and ensure that important files are easy to access when necessary. A server is a centralized hub from which all collaboration is possible.

Backups and Fail-safes

While the server houses the company’s data, it’s still possible for errors and data corruption to destroy files and delete important data. For this reason, it is important to have Network Attached Storage (NAS). A NAS is a system that archives and backs up data to a separate location in case anything happens to the primary server.

It saves this data and allows your team to work from the copies. The alternative is to start from scratch or from what remains on the individual computers.


To establish a business’s computer network will require extensive wiring. It may be necessary to connect computers to appropriate systems. Sometimes, a wireless connection is possible, but having a backup in case the wireless connection fails is prudent. One needs to take special care when installing and managing this type of wiring setup.

Failing to do so could result in faulty wiring. Bending wires too far will result in loose connections inside the cable and eventually a complete breakage, severing the connection. One must consider the proper placement and care of the wires to prevent this scenario.


Putting a firewall in place is the first line of defense against harmful viruses from the internet. It prevents unauthorized outsiders from entering your business’s computer network and stops any potential corruption. These viruses can lock your computer, delete or corrupt files, or even steal files.

Firewalls can also limit access to specific websites on the internet to cut down on the risk factors, preventing any employee from accidentally accessing problematic websites.

These are simply the basics of establishing a business’s computer network. You can install more servers, security, and backups, but it all depends on your company’s needs.

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