Why Everything Must Go Digital

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Technology has made everything in our lives so easy and accessible, it has transformed our lives and the way we do business, however not everything has gone digital yet, and if this is the case in your business, there is a worry that you could be left behind in the digital shift. There are a number of other benefits though as to why everything should go digital and if you haven’t done it yet, then you really should.

Digitizing everything means that you will save paper to help the environment and make data more accessible. But how and what should you do? And what should you do with your mountain of boxes full of documents and data?

One of the great inventions we now have, which has made many lives easier is modern scanning which can provide much more than just a scan of physical data. Intelligentย software such as OCR means that even handwritten text can be recognized and made searchable and editable. Thanks to this technology, scanning can ease tasks such as invoicing, image processing, collaboration, and even tagging, and it’s also very reliable.

As mentioned, there are a number of reasons why digitizing everything it the way forward; it makes life easier and business more efficient, check out this list if you need any more reasons to go digital.

It Makes It Easier to Find Files and Manage Data

People often ask for their data to be edited or deleted. Having it accessible and searchable makes it faster to find records and easier to manage data, and when it comes to audit processes, everything is streamlined and automated.

It Saves Money on Physical Storage

You have to pay for physical data to be stored securely and this can be expensive, especially if in the future, it won’t matter and no one will need to find the physical data, nor will they know where to find it.

It Saves Space – and Money

Thousands of files can be stored on one single server rather than taking up office space in large filing cabinets.

It Improves Data Security

Protecting hard copy information can be very difficult; however, digital documents can be encrypted, password-protected, and securely stored in the cloud. You can even assign access levels to certain users and track all file activity.

It Improves Staff Collaboration

Digital documents make it easier to share documents between colleagues, which means that working together on projects is far easier and also saves on paper. Staff in different locations can access and view electronic documents at the same time.

It Encourages Better Customer Service

Having the information on a screen lets you get relevant information to your clients much faster.

It Improves Disaster Recovery

Digital information can be backed up in the cloud or to a hard drive; it can be protected electronically so that there’s no danger of losing it, even if something happened.

So, you probably won’t need any more convincing, and there’s no excuse not to digitize everything. Do your bit, save the planet, save time, and treat your customers to quick service.

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