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Facebook Does Work – A Local Business’ Success Story

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Whenever you hear other local business owners’ stories of their gains by utilizing social media, you feel good and inspired, right? These testimonials help actualize all the benefits of actually using social media to help your business grow. Here’s an amazing story that will inspire you, particularly those who are feeling a bit low about their business.

Facebook Keeps A Restaurant Alive

At that time, the shaky economy was felt throughout the nation. But our story is situated in the Bay area of St. Petersburg, Ohio. There was a lot of restaurants closing due to the hard times. For St. Pete Brasserie, it was definitely an all time low, after months of poor sales. Closing down the shop was in the near future. Then, Andrew Wilkins shared his situation on Facebook. He posted:

“The situation at St. Pete Brasserie is dire. They are poised to close their doors if a miracle does not happen this week. Please support our local, independent restaurants. They have a great menu with an inspired chef and good prices. Prix fixe is $17. 15 jobs are at stake.”

Then, a miracle happened. That Facebook post elicited tremendous attention – many people reposted this and immediately spread online. A lot of people went to his restaurant, to the point that he had to re-open a dining area that has been dormant for months. His sales increased by 40% and interested investors ask about his business.

It was amazing! To cut the long story short, his restaurant was saved – all thanks to Facebook. After the tremendous support, he again used Facebook to thank everyone:

“Well, thanks to the overwhelming support shown by our wonderful loyal customers, St. Pete Brasserie has a new lease of life. So please spread the word that the doors are staying open.”

On top of that, he also shows his gratitude to all the fans of his local business’ Facebook page by giving them 25% off their bill whenever they dine in his restaurant. He also offers that to new customers.

The success of your business can also be boosted with the use of Facebook. Let us plan your strategy today – the opportunities are endless! Just contact us today!

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