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Managed portfolio solutions come in the form of a secure online platform that offers powerful tools to help financial advisors managed client portfolios. Cloud-based managed portfolios offer cutting-edge solutions to financial professionals, making their job much easier.

Improve your Client Value Proposition (CVP)

Financial advisors that make best use of a managed portfolio platform report higher CVP and the time saved allows the advisor to spend more time communicating with clients. Many tasks can be automated, which save you a lot of time that can be better allocated.

Customize Client Portfolios

One of the best features of a managed portfolio platform is the ability to customize client portfolios; you can, for example, exclude specific types of investment if the client has no interest in that field. Tailor investment strategies to help the client navigate investment obstacles, such as restrictions on owning certain securities.

Portfolio Diversification

When you are connected to the leading Australian financial hub, adviser portfolio solutions enable you to help clients diversify their investments, minimising risk. More than 150 managed portfolios are available on the platform, with integration across cash, direct securities, ETFs, LICs and other managed portfolios.

Prompt Implementation

When you instruct the platform, implementation is almost instant, and necessary changes are automatically made to client accounts. Not only that, client accounts are automatically amended when changes affect their portfolio, which saves you time.

Eliminate the Need for Advice Paperwork

Managed portfolios automatically change client accounts, so you do not need to send clients advice paperwork that informs them of changes. Rebalancing is automated and that streamlines your processes, giving you more time to develop new investment strategies. Here are a few tips for creating accurate financial projections.

Delivering Consistent Client Outcomes

Using Australia’s leading managed portfolio platform helps you to deliver consistent client outcomes; clients in the same managed portfolio achieve the same outcomes, which should improve client retention.

Optimize Client Tax Capabilities

As a financial advisor, your goal is to optimize taxation capabilities for your clients and when you are using a managed portfolio hub, this is one feature available. If you would like to learn more about managed portfolio platforms, Google can take you to their website and you can talk to a professional.

Improve Practice Profitability

Financial advisors that use online managed portfolio hubs report an increase in their profits, which is mainly due to the many powerful features available to advisors. It makes total sense to use cutting-edge digital technology that aids you to provide a top-level service for your clients and improving your CVP is the likely outcome.

Streamline Your Business

The finance industry is highly competitive and by using a top-rated managed portfolio platform, you are optimizing your share of the private investment market. A platform that is designed for financial advisors, with many powerful features to save you time and optimize client outcomes, which is the obvious goal.

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