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Gaining Visibility for Your Online Business During the Holidays

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According to statistics, about 70 – 80% of people research a company online before patronizing their services. This has made gaining online visibility a vital part of growing your business. Building a website is just the beginning of exposing your business to potential clients beyond your geographical location and becoming more competitive in your industry. The holiday season presents many opportunities to be more endearing to your target audience, but you might miss the chance without the right strategies. Are you interested in increasing online visibility this festive season? These are a few ways to do so.

Festive Outlook

Apart from decorating your shop for the festive season, you can consider giving your website or social media pages a festive look too. You can do this by first putting up attractive Christmas images on your profile or as your header. You can also make glamorous Christmas video ads for your products. Video ads have the dynamic capability, and creating content relating to the season will show your audience how useful your products are.

Special Sales

The number of people who shop usually increases during the Christmas season. Consumers look out for how best they can minimize their expenditure and gain a great deal. Therefore, putting out a competitive price list is very important. Your campaign theme for the holiday sales has to be attractive and relevant to the Christmas season. The products you choose to display should also be in high demand and a good deal to attract the customers.

Using Analytics

Your website’s branding alone is not enough to give the business exposure and traction. Using analytic tools such as SEO Software to track and report on your performance level, are also beneficial strategies to use. Analytics tracks the number of visits to your page, products frequently viewed, and which countries had the highest visits to your page. This information can help you know what advertising methods are working and which ones aren’t so useful. That way, you can make the necessary changes and improve your online visibility.

Draw Traffic with Blog Posts

Aside from the “about us” section of your page, you can also consider using a blog post to draw customers to your website. You could either write yourself or employ people to write on your behalf to introduce potential clients to the products you are offering.

Interact with Clients

Frequent communication with clients is one way to keep them aware of your presence. Whether you are communicating via email or on social media, ensure that the messages you send are personal and related to the season. Also, try always to include links or information to help them find your products and services online.

Being a good marketer includes how well you present your business, products, or services. While your online business is exposed to a broader pool of potential clients, you will still have to put in some effort to draw some attention to your brand. These tips are just a few ways to increase your online visibility this festive season.

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