Gary Vaynerchuk's Weekly Wrap-Up (1/23/15)

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apples  For our second installment of Gary Vaynerchuk’s weekly wrapup, we’ll start with Gary’s article entitled β€œStop Asking Me About Your Personal Brand, and Start Doing Some Work”. Gary talks about how he’s stunned over how many people ask him about how to start a personal brand. He says people ask this without having a clear understanding of what comes before that which is actually knowing something about something. He says that it’s all too common today for people to assume that they can just appear out of nowhere and build a brand by undertaking various tactics. He says that the new quick hack of using social media and modern technology to build up a brand isn’t enough as there’s no substitute for honest hard work. He goes on to say that positioning yourself as an expert is hard and that one has to earn the privilege of building a personal brand and the only way to do that is to actually execute. For the person who thinks they have what it takes to build a brand, the work required to succeed involves many things including creating as much content as possible, never automating, using email marketing to it’s full advantage and of course exerting a lot of β€œhustle”.

In his listicle β€œDefining Hustle in 3 GIFs” Gary says that hustle is the most important word ever and that he tries really hard to get other people to understand what hustle is and why they should care. He says he’s created a video about it and wrote an article on the topic but wanted to conveniently sum up what hustle is in 3 GIFs. So what is hustle? Firstly, hustle is intense and akin to squeezing every last bit of the juice from the orange. Gary says you should maximize the energy you put into something and don’t stop until you have every last drop. For his second point, he says that hustle may have different definitions around the globe but when it comes down to it, there’s no excuse for not executing, making change, doing work and being great. In other words hustle is universal. His third point is that hustle is sacrifice which means it’s all about putting it all on the line and giving it your all. So in short, Β Β hustle is intense, universal and sacrifice.

In his recent video entitled β€œHow to Create Interesting Content on a Boring Subject” Gary was asked by a Twitter follower how to create interesting content about a boring subject such as what is sold in a hardware store. Gary’s first response was that a hardware store is anything but boring. He says that a great many people are actually passionate about things sold in hardware stores like tools. He said that even thinking that hardware is boring means you have to open your mind and think about how things like DIY and home building are hot right now and that there are many interesting topics to write about. In other words, Gary thinks that it often comes down to one’s mindset. If you think your topic is boring, open your mind and use your imagination as there’s always something you can use for your content.

In the video β€œThe Easy Way to Find Great Employees”, Gary was asked via Twitter his opinion about where the best places are for hiring employees these days and what his process was. Gary mentions that he’s in a great place right now wherein he doesn’t have a problem finding great employees as he’s got people all around him. He goes on to recommend searching the relevant key terms on Twitter Search based on the types of tasks the person would be doing for you. When you find a few people you’re interested in, check their Twitter profiles, go to their websites or portfolios and then contact them if you like what you see and ask if they’re looking for a job. Gary states that this process can take several hours if you find several people you’re interested in. In short, he says there is no β€œeasy” way to find great employees and that putting in the work always matters.

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