Gary Vaynerchuk's Weekly Wrap-Up (2/12/15)

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vm  The team at Successful Startup 101 enjoyed Gary’s recent article entitled β€œThe Argument For Having a Crappy Website”. In the article, Gary reflects back to the early days of VaynerMedia when in his words, his business website was β€œgarbage”. He goes on to explain that at that time, it wasn’t necessary to showcase the work his business was doing as the name of the game was focus. He says that he was busy promoting his business instead of worrying about his poorly designed site which is something he says can be an very helpful strategy for a company trying to get ahead.

What’s his point in all this? That the actions you put out there need to replicate the mission you’re planning on capitalizing on. The point being that everything a business does needs to have a strategy behind it just as VaynerMedia’s strategy in the early days was to lay low and be quiet so Gary and his team could focus on what they were doing internally.

Because so many businesses struggle with making the most of their Facebook profiles, we’d like to summarize Gary’s article β€œOptimize Your Facebook Presence With These 5 Easy Steps”. Gary starts out by saying that Facebook is his number one platform right now and that it should be yours too. He then says there are five features Facebook offers that businesses should be tapping into and those are:

Facebook’s dark posts – Facebook dark posts are the number one tool to use right now. The term dark posts applies to the tactic of using newsfeed style ads that don’t actually get published to the newsfeed of your page. This marketing tactic allows you to market your products/services directly to everyone on Facebook that uses your types of products or services.

Facebook ads– Gary says businesses should not miss out on Facebook ads because they offer a great way to advertise. He says get into the ads manager and learn how to use it pronto if you’re not already.

Audience Insights – Gary says that it is important to look at your audience insights for your page. These will teach you a lot about who you are reaching and who is your customer.

Video uploading – Instead of linking out, Facebook is favoring videos uploaded directly. Gary says he is seeing data showing that natively uploading videos to Facebook increases views by 10 to 20 thousand.

Organic Posts – Gary says he’s often asked if people should stop posting organically to Facebook altogether and that his answer is ‘it depends’. It’s first necessary to look at how much money and time goes into each post and then how many people you’re reaching with that single piece. In Gary’s words β€œ Nothing is ever dead until it straight up doesn’t exist any more”.

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