Gary Vaynerchuk’s Weekly Wrap-Up (2/9/15)

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In this installment of Gary Vaynerchuk’s weekly wrap-up, we begin with the article “There is No Substitute for a Shitty Product” in which Gary starts by mentioning Sriracha hot sauce. He says it’s likely we’ve all heard of it without actually seeing an ad or commercial. Gary says the reason why a company can create an enormously viral product without any marketing is because the said company has an amazing product. According to Gary, social media is the plumbing to the word of mouth in today’s society as it’s possible to spread your name via social media if you make a great product and get people to try it.

Gary states that there are lots of brands besides Sriracha that don’t spend a dime on marketing and win big simply because they have made a great product people cannot help but talk about. According to Gary, you can have all the money in the world but if your product sucks, you’ll end up losing. However, if your product is good enough to entice people to talk about it, you can most certainly win.

In his article “Why You Need to Work Faster, Not Just Harder” Gary says he’s often asked how people can build their own brand when they’re busy working on other brands all day. His response was simple as he says one needs to work harder and faster. Gary says he’s always telling people to work harder and to hustle. He recommends training yourself to do a little bit more in each hour than you normally would and to add something every day so that you can get everything done. Gary says this method is akin to training for a marathon as it takes time but once you’re done, you’ll see you’re doing more in a day because you’re moving faster. Gary says that he got to where he is today from working harder, faster, better and stronger and that we can do the same by not wasting any work time.

In “Madonna Released a Music Video on Snapchat, and That’s a Huge Deal” Gary said that on  February 5th, pop icon Madonna released the world-premiere of her newest music video on Snapchat’s new Discover platform, which is a really big deal. Gary explains that Discover is media consumption on Snapchat as there are no “brand stories” anymore. From now on, this is how Snapchat will partner with brands. Gary says that Snapchat is now acting like a media company and that is something that falls in line with his belief that all businesses are media companies.
Gary says that he’s always associated himself with Madonna as odd as that may sound because she has always adapted to the times. The fact that Madonna released her video on Snapchat’s Discovery goes to show how smart she is as the move gave her access to a younger audience she’s struggled with.

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