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Gary Vaynerchuk’s Weekly Wrap-Up (3/23/15)

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moving-forward-300x117  It’s a brand new week with whole new possibilities awaiting!  Because so many of us find it hard to get going at the start of a new work week, we thought it would be appropriate to start off with GaryVee’s article, “Get Off Your Lazy “But”. Gary begins the piece by saying that the article is not a typo as he means it’s time to stop making excuses. He goes on to explain that “but” is not the word to use when talking about your dreams and aspirations. If you’re really serious about your dreams, you won’t let anything get in your way. Gary says that instead of making excuses, you should continue moving forward and aim to eliminate “but” from your vocabulary.

Gary says that if you’re a go-getter, you won’t let a but bother you. If you’re not, then you just need to cultivate that part of yourself more in order to eradicate the buts. Gary states that he hates excuses and that he loves taking the blame when something goes wrong at his company. Why? Because when he takes the blame, he and his team can work to come up with solutions instead of spending time talking about the problem. To conclude, Gary says to stop saying “but” so that you are forced to move forward as there won’t be anything standing in your way anymore.

In the video,“Complaining is a Very Unattractive Feature” Gary was asked by one of his Twitter followers about what his advice is regarding complaining in business and in life in general. Gary says that his mother has passed the ability onto him of how not to complain and for that, he’s most grateful. He goes on to say that he’s very much against complaining and that he finds it very unattractive. He says that he feels the only time complaining is OK is when you complain about your unfortunate luck concerning your health. He also says complaining is acceptable when you lose someone you love due to an illness or accident. But other than that, complaining is something you have control over. Gary says that he thrives on positivity and that his workplace culture at Vayner Media is very much focused on being positive.

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