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Gary Vaynerchuk’s Weekly Wrap-Up (4/14/15)

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To kick off this week’s installment of the best of Gary Vee, we’re going to begin with the article β€œMarketers: Say Hello To Your New Favorite Ad Platform”. Gary starts out by saying that something that is not getting the attention it deserves is . He mentions that he spends a lot of time pushing the powerful capabilities of Facebook dark posts and one-on-one communication via Twitter but says that Pinterest is right up there with both of these. He thinks that this platform’s ad product is in the ideal position to be a major competitor for Adwords with an emphasis on major.

Pinterest’s ads allow you to deliver your product to people that Pinterest thinks may be interested in buying and that is big says Gary. People are more open to seeing a wide range of content on Pinterest where users opt in to follow themes, trends and styles. Being able to put your pin in the center of these peoples’ feeds can prove very beneficial. Gary strongly encourages his readers to check out Pinterest ads and to get involved as this ad product is a clear competitor to Google’s Adwords and a huge step forward for e-commerce businesses.

In his article β€œIt’s Not the Size of the Market, It’s How You Sell to It” Gary begins by saying that he was contacted by a company that specializes in watch collectors sharing their watches wherein the company makes money off of that. The question posed was β€œhow can market size be determined for a nonexistent market?” His answer was to focus on the sharing economy and how strong that is. And, even if there is no precedent for your company’s specific dealings, look for the broader ideas at play if you have to point to something. Gary goes on to explain that if you are not able to communicate your idea to the existing market, then you might need to re-think your idea.

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