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Gary Vaynerchuk’s Weekly Wrap-Up (4/2/15)

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file00018134649021-300x125  For our second installment of GaryVee’s weekly wrap-up, we’ll begin with the article β€œ3 Reasons This Title Won’t Work in 2019” Gary starts out by saying there’s a significant reason he wrote this article using the above title and that it has to do with the fact that marketers ruin everything. Gary says that this type of headline, the listicle format, is a β€œhomerun”. It informs people right away about what the commitment is as it puts everything in front of them from the get-go. He goes on to explain that this type of title doesn’t waste anyone’s time because it tells people what they will get when they read the content. However, even though this title works now, it won’t work in a few years as the market will have moved.

In the article β€œDriving Book Sales Through Personalized Experiences” Gary begins by saying that he knows a few things about selling books because he’s written three himself all which by the way, have been on the New York Times Best Seller list. Gary believes that a book is actually sold a year before it is put on sale. He explains this by saying he is actually in the process of selling his fourth book now through his YouTube show, The#AskGaryVeeShow. He goes on to say that many people discover him for the first time via this show which is awesome because the show is doing what he wants it to do which is bring in people. His advice for authors is to do some one-on-one marketing by reaching out to folks and asking them to buy your book. He then says get as much exposure as possible by getting to know those in your industry by offering your expertise, services and thoughts and do these things.

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