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Gary Vaynerchuk’s Weekly Wrap-Up (4/9/15)

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To kick off this second installment of the best of Gary Vaynerchuk’s content for this week, we’re going to begin with the video β€œThe Source of My Motivation”. Gary is asked via video how he gets that constant stream of motivation he needs to carry on with the work he has to do. Gary says that his motivation comes from a couple of places. For one, he loves what he does and secondly, he’s grateful. He goes on to say that if you want real motivation, be grateful for the opportunities you’re given.

In the article β€œGetting Rejected is Awesome. Trust Me” Gary begins by saying that he actually prefers it when everybody thinks he is wrong, as weird as that sounds. When he’s told that something won’t work or when one of his ideas is rejected, it just drives him to want to pursue it more. Gary mentions that he’s been rejected many times and that rejection happens to everyone. He goes on to explain that if you’re in the business world, you’re going to run into rejection as it’s inevitable. He also says that you should welcome the challenge you face when someone questions your ideas as doing so can help you figure out how much you want something and why. His advice is to turn the rejection into something positive by rising to the challenge. He also suggests that you make it a point to prove people wrong and get excited about showing people how right you are. Dealing with rejection means facing it head on and proving it is not true. Gary advises that instead of missing out on a huge opportunity because you let someone bring you down that you should prove them wrong by getting out there and hustling.

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