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What GenX Women Can Teach Us About Pursuing Our Dreams

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In the United States, Women-owned businesses generate over $1.9 trillion a year. And Generation X Women, the smallest generation by number, are dancing their way to middle age, bringing a unique skill set with them that no other generation has—blended innovation.

During their youth, GenXers went from an entirely analog world of corded wall phones and playing outside to the brave new wireless world of cellphones and virtual reality goggles we live in today.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Young GenXers, specifically girls, grew up caring for themselves and their siblings after school and before their parents arrived home.

The Women of Generation X had responsibility thrust upon them early on and because of that, they’ve developed a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Nevertheless, they still found time to have fun. Naturally, they want this same balance of work and play in their adult life as well.

The Great Transformation

The women of Generation X may have gotten older, but they haven’t aged, at least not to the degree as their parents and grandparents. Nor are they ready to grow up quite yet.

You’re just as likely to find GenXer on the newest social platforms right alongside their GenY kids, learning the latest dances, telling stories about ‘the times before’, and teaching anyone who wants to learn how to leverage technology to create a business.

What Do GenX Women Want Now

  • Growth! The children of the 80s saw high divorce rates. Many were raised by single moms who were overworked and underpaid. Early on, these 70s and 80s babies decided they were going to forge their own paths. And that’s just what they’re doing.
  • Work-Life Balance! Young Gen X women lived through difficult economic times during the 1980s. Which is why they are less committed to their employers than previous generations of workers. If they get bored, GenXers are not afraid to change paths and leap into something more balanced.
  • Creative Freedom! Many GenX women are thinking back to what they really wanted to do with their lives before corporate America came calling—and now is the time to pursue those passions. Knowing they are approaching life’s halfway mark makes them more likely to turn their natural creativity into highly successful businesses.

Que the Great Resignation…

GenX Women Are Slowly Walking Away

While Millennials and GenZers are leaving the traditional workforce in droves to pursue 100% workplace autonomy, GenX women whose children are growing up and almost out of the house are not far behind joining in The Great Resignation.

Those who still have kids at home are less likely to jump ship just yet, but many have begun side hustles to fund their future passions. GenX Women are putting themselves first, for once, and are ready to build a life out of all the things they want and nothing they don’t.

Reasons GenX Women Are Leaving Their Employers

  • To be their own boss and finally be in control of every part of their work life.
  • They want the flexibility to create something unique that will outlive them.
  • They know their worth and want to be paid proportionately.
  • They’ve seen too much of our planet destroyed and want to change our world for the better and maybe help add a few more seconds to the Doomsday Clock.

GenX Women Take Back Their Financial Freedom

GenX women will not be sold or bullied into buying things that won’t benefit their family’s quality of life.

Being a material girl is no longer the priority it was during the decade of greed. In this time of minimalism, they’ve realized that there are better ways to live with far less and put those savings into smart investments and experiences, not things.

So, it’s not surprising that an increasing number of Gen X Women who have realized their mistake of buying in excess are now dumping their timeshares. Nobody is going to tell them when, how, or where they can go anymore!

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The Gift of Candor

We are so much better when we’re (b)older! For so long, women were told what they should or shouldn’t say in polite company. As time marches on, the women of Generation X encourage each other to speak truth into power, admit mistakes, and to expand and share our information sources.

As GenX Women cross the line into middle-age, they define what it means to be honest— with themselves and each other. It’s okay to share real-life experiences with others in a way that teaches them how to live their best lives too.

Advice from a GenX Woman

  • You might as well jump. Try something new. If you fail, so what? Try something else.
  • Life, it’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right— if it’s right for you. Always be gravitating toward your authentic self, by your words and your actions.
  • You’ve got to have faith, faith, faith. Your beliefs shape your future. Believe in all you’ve learned so far and keep going—you’re doing great!

Somewhere in the back of their minds, GenXers never really thought they’d grow older. Yet here they are approaching 50 and still blazing onto the newest innovations. The Women of Generation X continue to make a substantial, positive dent in this world, and they’re far from done.

What, like it’s hard?

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