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How to Get More Positive Online Reviews (and Deal with the Negative)

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Whether youโ€™re in the midst of growing your new startup or the CEO of an established business, online reviews play a valuable role in your success. An online review, both positive or negative, can make the difference in if your customer chooses your business over another.

Crowd-sourced reviews give consumers the social proof to not only trust your business but also to make a decision to purchase and be confident in it. As a business owner, itโ€™s crucial to gain online review presence but also to respond and engage with your customers. Itโ€™s a platform and opportunity to understand what your customer wants, what may be missing from your service or product, and how to improve on errors or mistakes. Plus, you can increase your transparency as a business by opening up the conversation with your customers who could eventually turn into loyal brand advocates.

What steps should you take to build your positive online reviews? Check out the infographic by Valpak below for twelve actionable steps to gain reviews and a helpful approach on how to respond to your customers.


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