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How to Grow Your Deli Business

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The lunch rush is exactly that. While even busy areas are quieter due to coronavirus-related restrictions, most delis and other lunchtime shops sell food to-go. As it nears noon, workers disperse in the direction of their favorite cuisine.

But this decision isn’t simply a matter of what tastes the best. It’s also about the speed and ease with which someone can get a bite to eat. To learn how to grow your deli business to maximize lunchtime guests and other customers, read on.

Find Your Promotional Niche

First, to instill your deli in customers’ minds as they make a snap mealtime decision, integrate a solid promotional program. This task is harder to accomplish than it sounds, given dozens of other shops’ deals.

Start Small

Starting off, your promotion doesn’t need to be anything outrageous. Offering an aggressive combo deal on a customer favorite gets more people to trickle in. Also, this firmly retains those who already love it. Try creating a daily rotation of complimentary dessert items for each meal purchase. A little something sweet gets even more people to stick with you, and a rotation keeps it from getting old. Whatever you choose, make it distinct and memorable.

A Loyalty Program

For a more comprehensive promotion, implement a tried-and-true loyalty program. Reward return customers with a free sandwich for every fifth visit or so. The beauty of these is they get people invested so they choose you in the future. When getting something for a quick 30-minute lunch, that’s often enough to seal the deal.

Start Delivering

Another way to grow your deli business is by increasing access. In today’s delivery-heavy culture, you can’t go wrong with your very own van. Among the many reasons you need a specifically refrigerated van is your ability to get quality cold cuts to customers quickly. By associating your shop with speed, prospective buyers can order comfortably and know they’ll get their sandwich long before their lunch break ends.

Mind the Food Pyramid

Finally, change out ingredients for healthy alternatives whenever possible. More and more, customers frequent shops that transition to multigrain breads, locally sourced organic ingredients, and low-fat options. If you can offer hearty and filling sandwiches that give people good energy for the rest of their day, you’re likely to gain business.

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